Trent Clark

Native American Group Suing Cleveland Indians For $9 Billion [Photos]



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  • Louis Combs

    Ok, Native Americans are RRRREALLY starting to go overboard with this…

    • prettyman

      That’s what they still say about blacks! And where is my 40 acres and a mule? Why did whites break all kinds of treaties with Native Americans?Greed! Time to give back!

    • stone

      But what If you got your country stolen, your people obliterated, and then you were turned into a mascot for sports/entertainment? If anything, you’d have a RIGHT to be upset…

  • To be honest they did the indians wrong, they came and decieved them, kill their source of food, shelter and utilities (buffalos) then put hem in concentration camps and build on their land. And to make matters worse they profit of their culture. The lawsuit is well deserved

    • prettyman

      Well said General!

    • Htwn5440

      yea but the Cleveland Indians didn’t do all that. They also have casino’s, tourist attractions, banks, reservations etc. They didn’t just get left with nothing.

      • NYCBoricua212

        While the Cleveland Indians didn’t do all of those things, they are contributing to the stereotype and profiting from it. Material things do not make up for having your people and culture murdered, raped and tortured. The Casinos are the very LEAST that could be given back to the indigenous. And while they’re at it, the 40 acres and a mule promise should be reinstated too.

  • PolkaDots

    This is crap. So are they going to sue every Hollywood film company that produced a film that has the term INDIAN in it?


    • prettyman

      Seeing how whites killed off millions of Native Americans, and almost wiped out a whole species(Buffalo’s) that it is only fair! They actually need to give back the black hills and get those President’s faces off of scared grounds!

      • PolkaDots

        Nope. They ALREADY get checks and they are STILL losing — No more.

      • prettyman

        Thats dumb! OH, let’s give you a check for wiping out your families! But I guess you would be happy with money over family!LOL

      • PolkaDots

        You sound STUPID because the bastards are ALREADY getting checks and have been for DECADES. Now what are they asking for?

        Let me answer that for you: YET ANOTHER CHECK. And guess what/ — They won’t get it.

    • MiaSara

      God ur an idiot..

      • PolkaDots

        No actually I’m smart. hahahahahaha – You failed! Now s^ck my d!ck.

  • prettyman

    Go to show, you will be a dumb clown your whole life!

    • PolkaDots

      “Go to show, you will be a dumb clown your whole life!” — You’re right, you will be.