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Get Her Back: Robin Thicke Takes His Love Struggle To New Heights [Photos]


Robin Thicke has descended so deep into a struggle pool of broken love dreams, that he’s close to drowning. Truthfully, it’s pretty hard to watch this man beg and plead for his wife in such a public way, especially since it doesn’t appear to be working. Thicke will release his seventh studio album next week, aptly titled Paula. If the lyrics to the lead single, “Get Her Back,” ring true then the “Blue-Eyed Soul Singer” has lots to be sorry about:

“I never should shave raised my voice or made you feel so small/ I never should have asked you to do anything at all/I should have kissed you longer/ I should have held you stronger/ And I’ll wait for forever for you to love me again.”

“Forever” is a long time, but there’s clearly no limit to what Mr. Thicke is willing to do to get his lady love back. Patton doesn’t seem to be paying it much attention (not publicly, at least). If public performances, an entire album, and making himself look pretty crazy in that “Get Her Back” video isn’t enough to change her mind, it might just be a lost cause. Hopefully not though. Check into the gallery to see a photo journey through Thicke’s love struggle, plus shots of happier times with his wife.

Photos: Instagram/YouTube/Twitter/WENN

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  • Otis Django

    He gonna be outside in his draws screaming and crying. Paula is fine and she had options.

    • StoptheRatchet!

      Otis, he doesn’t want her back. He’s trying to sell records. Incredibly stupid women will fall for this crap and put him at the top of the charts.

      She needs to file a restraining order and stop him from using her name and likeness to garner sympathy.

      Just sayin’

      • Mia C

        It does seem like he’s too public and that most of his career he’s used her name to get street cred … like stealing blck sound is ok if you marry a blck woman. He’s using her again for headlines and money. He cannot take his relationship seriously if he did a public album instead of going behind the scenes to make it right.

        Paula can do better than this cheating poseur.

      • StoptheRatchet!

        Thank you Mia C. You know the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” If he was DOING something to get her back instead paying lip service, he might have her back by now.

        This cheat is enjoying being single while using the demise of his marriage to stay relevant.

      • Aang


      • Otis Django

        Well, there might be some truth to that.

      • Aang


  • colderred

    oldest trick in da book who’s buying this?


    blah blah blah

  • Aang