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We usually detest “previews” for a rap songs since they’re not exactly feature films, but there are always exceptions. Cam’ron dropped a taste of his latest collaboration with Nicki Minaj via his Instagram. 

Apparently Cam rolled up on his manager, who was blasting the new track. “Yo!!! Why I pulled up on my manager @britishthetitanand he driving da #S63 .. How much am I paying u exactly ni**a?!! And don’t be tryna pull off on me neither ni**a!!  lol.. Yea dats Nicki Minaj in da back round #FOTM,” read the caption. 

Raps Minaj, “Ayo Cam i’m the baddest b*tch, you was acting mad happy when you bagged this b*tch/ You was telling my mother you loved me all the time, pink Range you was pushing that was sort of mine.”

Late night fried chicken spots get dropped, too. Depending on Killa’s verse, this could be a winner.

Miss Info points out the beat sounds like Cam and Nicki’s 2012 cut “So Bad,” so maybe it’s a remix. Cam kicks off his 1st Of the Month series of EPs in July.

Photo: Instagram



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