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Bangin Candy: Bottom Heavy Playboy Bunny Tabby Brown [Photos]



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  • THOT alert.


      f@g alert.


      • Suppressed homosexual urges that can be attributed to your dead beat, absentee father alert!

  • bruh…

  • lilmissmatched

    The booty pop pose is soooooo overdone. I mean if you have an @ss already why try so hard to stick it out even more??? Just stand up straight goddammit!

    • lo

      Lol, you all get annoyed by some of the smallest things. Let’s be real, we all knew what we were going to see before we even clicked the link.

    • CEO

      Lmao! Hate is the worst disease given to humanity. She’s a beautiful woman. Stop knit picking unless you’re as bad as her.

      • Ambitiös ☮


      • lilmissmatched

        Where’s the hate. I swear you people are SUPER sensitive to everything nowadays.#pu$$ies If I’m not praising and kissing @ss then I’m hating? LoL. OK…..smh.

      • CEO

        Lmao! Whoa, you seem angry. Salty

      • Guest

        YES because LOL means I’m STEAMING!!!

      • lilmissmatched

        Cool Breeze up there called her a THOT on the first comment but you skip him and come straight to me…Hahaha. I see you bro. It’s all good though.

    • therealsyxx


      • lilmissmatched

        Funny how you fools quick to talk ish about the next chick on belhalf of another woman who wouldn’t give you the time of day…..But who am I?YOU’RE the man right….

      • therealsyxx

        Me being a man has nothing to do with it. Its your opinion and if i tried to talk to you i wouldn’t get the time of day from you either. Women now days don’t want to give you the time of day on the net unless its something extra special about u like your famous. So if i happen to feel like some hate was coming from u toward her ima say it. If not excuse me. But don’t think me being a man has anything to do with me not agreeing with what you said. There is beauty in a woman stating her opinion. It means your not a salad eating robot. Even if i don’t agree with it.

      • lilmissmatched

        Umm… I’m married to a gorgeous black man who happens to be my HS sweetheart. Unlike most “women these days” I have substance. Qualities that extend far beyond my exterior, which has kept my relationship in tact for over 10 years. So my opinions of these chicks are just as honest and equally as valid as yours…..No shade just realness. I don’t mind that you disagree, that’s life. But I DO mind you trying to label me based on a lighthearted comment where no REAL shade was thrown. Realness and hate are not one in the same.

      • therealsyxx

        im glad for u and your a rare one. the reason i say that is because instead of turning into a chicken head u addressed what u felt and we proceeded to have a back and forth conversation even if we did not agree with each other it was a back and forth with no disrespect. as far as your hs sweetheart its always good to see successful black love. maybe it wasn’t hate i cant tell u how u feel. i can just tell u how it looked. i hate to see black women hate on black women. i honestly feel there is not enough unity in our race. and i don’t just mean black Americans. if your from Jamaica Honduras Haiti Dominican republic Puerto Rico Cuba or Brazil. we all came from west Africa. and i wish there was unity among us. so forgive me sister if i perceived wrong. have a nice day

    • Mari …


  • R8erEduc8er

    Fine af bruh

  • lfsm

    cute but she looks like a different version of every other “model”, Thot, IG hoe… All these chicks look the same at this point

  • Vandellish

    Reading these comments I’m thinking ‘who the hell DO these people think is sexy/beautiful?’
    I consider this woman to be absolutely gorgeous, especially in pic #7. Y’all some harsh gradin mfs, probably mostly women doing all this critiquing of other women.
    I agree the booty pop is played out, as is the lip pucker, the man’s bended knee with a hand over the chin/mouth, the RUN DMC crossed arms, hell just about every popular pose we’ve seen since ’82. But what you gonna do?

    • Ambitiös ☮

      where’s your photo at ?

      • Vandellish

        I’m actually giving her props so I don’t understand why you’d ask.
        Still, my photo’s where it needs to be. On my Driver’s License.

  • Ambitiös ☮

    she sèxy bruh

  • DRUNK247

    I give up

  • therealsyxx

    damn shes fly. no weave no missing edges and she seems very lady like. niiiiiiice

  • Terra_Ryzing

    That’s nice. Surprised she’s in Playboy. Playboy usually uses bony, flat a$$ed chicks.

    • Van Basten

      Same, it’s a nice surprise.

  • Playa

    Oh yeah

  • FOR!EGN)

  • Mari …

    She looks delicioussssss

  • sixfourfella

    Banger!!!! Banger!!!! Banger!!!!

  • Van Basten

    Playboy is picking some good ones now, thank god, enough of those bland, bleach-blonde blowup dolls.