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Karrueche Catches Undiluted Slander For Her Struggle BET Awards Interviews [Photos]



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  • Navy

    She did fine

    • KEEP IT 100 24/7

      Keep pumping her head so she can keep failing. The truth might help her pick her game up.

      • DMV

        so your natural response to failure is to give up? that doesnt make sense….

      • Keep it 100 24/7


      • LeeLeeC

        You may want to take an English class yourself because that’s not what they said.

      • DMV

        I Realized what they meant after I typed my response. I was too lazy to reply to it but since you want to say something to make yourselves feel better go for it. Moving on with my day.

      • Truthsayer

        You lack basic reading comprehension skilss because clearly that’s not what was said!!!

      • DMV

        And you can’t spell skills….

      • Becareful Chris


      • DMV

        If you were to READ you would see that I realized my mistake and just didn’t want to fix it. Hop off my cl**. Thanx 🙂

      • Becareful Chris

        Lol different kind of red mister ma’am….. She told you about yourself. that kind of READ.

      • DMV

        Lol il just take the L

  • ash

    She was bad and so was her dress. This is why you should get someone who has hosting TV hosting experience and not party hosting experience.

    • GeminiSun

      Yes, those are two different things. A hosting gig requires an outgoing personality and comfort in front of the camera. She is surprisingly camera shy which she needs to work past.

      • Little Women of LA

        She’s corny. Has NO presence. Her voice is week. She isn’t as attractive as you all pretend…..There were sooo many women who outshined CB gf.

      • GeminiSun

        I am a Karrueche supporter but she needs more presence and and a stronger voice. It’s so awkward when the interviewees have to ask you to repeat a question cause you are so timid/shy when you ask them a question. Maybe she will get better with experience but she needs A LOT of work.

      • Beverly James

        That’s what you get for being a FAKE!!!! Bound to catch up with you. She should simply be herself and that is to be a non-celebrity. What really is her fame to claim. Keeping CB occupied while he covers up his faults. What a role?

    • Dee

      Nothing was worse than that Gladiator dress KeKe Plamer was wearing!! What was she thinking?

  • Meme

    So this is what’s ‘ Stunning’ to the new generation? Okay, just checking.

    • Beverly James

      Yep, it is funny how people use this word ‘stunning’ loosely. smh

  • Bambi

    So many young beautiful black people with new degrees in journalism that worked hard for a chance & y’all pick a chick based on the fact that she slobs on CB’s knob?


    • exactly

      This 10000000%!

    • fromanotherplanet

      Go IN now.

      • Truthsayer

        lol..She sure went all the wayyy In

    • chaka1

      I know several upcoming journalists/hosts who would have paid BET for the experience.

      Didn’t BET try that drag queen last year? They will never learn.

    • breallll


      Kum k era

      No talented needed it’s about who you fawk!!! But bet is white owned and you know what massah like!!

      Jen aiko can not sing. But she fawking o marion bro.

      • Bambi

        I really hate to say it, but you can tell when a “black” media outlet or production is owned by white people. And sadly, they put black women at the helm as a front. ie. BET, Bo$$ip, the Love & Hip hop and Basketball wives franchises…….. The jig is UP!

      • Truthsayer

        I’m glad you said it , because it;s the damn TRUTH!!

    • Truthsayer

      I wish I could give 10000 likes, because this comment was the truth and nothing else short of it!!!

  • Miss C

    didithey give her a screen test etc to seeif hse could handle red carpet interviews?? that would of been best, you an tell she was nervous. Oh well twitter is haveing a field day with this, I suppose she knew she would get dragged good or bad.

    • GeminiSun

      Yep. I feel as if they should have tested the waters with her. That’s a big gig for someone with NO experience regardless of how many celebrities you have been around.

  • Meandmybish

    Who’s idea was it to have her interview?? They should be fired!!

  • peackpr9

    Seriously? Ummm, for all of you putting her down, where exactly were you during the awards show? I’m betting it wasn’t AT the awards show. I haven’t watched it yet, but so what if she was nervous? Everyone has to learn at some point. At least she was actually there.

    • guest

      Keep blowing her up. She didn’t prepare herself because she’s to busy club hopping.

    • heaux and bros

      I guess we should all fawk a celeb like kum k and krunchy to get jobs!!!

      Dont have to beg or piggy back for a job gig or career. THAT is doing better than her!!

    • Bambi

      I hope you never work hard at a craft and spend your life studying and perfecting your career, just to watch the bosses dumb kid who dropped out of rehab or his mistress whos only experience is hostess at the Cheesecake Factory, be given the position of YOUR dreams with NO true knowledge about the task.
      Sad thing is it happens all the time.

      Is it hate or a valid concern & frustration?

  • Boo Hoo

    bwahahahahahaa…ONLY someone at BET would be idiotic enough to give this tool an actual job. but from IG pictures I saw it was clear that by the end of the night she was back to her usual job as CB’s assistant…carrying his clothes and driving his drugged out arse home. lol

  • DMV

    Haters gone hate

    • Little Women of LA


      • DMV

        clearlu you are perfect and have never been nervous before. get all of your life and have a seat. Clearly you are hating for no reason. Please find somewhere else to be ignorant.

      • Little Women of LA

        People put hard working celebrities down along with their friends family spouses and children. Yet I can’t speak my mind ? She did a horrible job as hostess. No charisma whatsoever. Put lipstick on a pig and it still isn’t a model. She didn’t even take time to prepare herself because people like you make her think her looks are enough. She DOES NOT HAVE THE IT FACTOR. AND SHE IS NOT AS ATTRACTIVE AS PEOPLE PRETEND.

      • DMV

        It’s funny how you say you can’t speak you mind but that’s exactly what I was doing before you responded in all caps about fools and who praises them. All the things that you spoke of are opinions. I personally think she is attractive and as much as ppl think and with some tweaking and advice can do better as a host. People fail all the time. They mess up. That’s what makes them ppl. You don’t know what she did to prepare or not. Looked like being nervous to me.

      • Truthsayer

        Naw , the truth is that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of people who studied hard to get a job like that, but since it came so easy for her because she’s CB gf she did not ace it! she got an F in my books..No hate, everyone deserves a chance in life !

      • GeminiSun

        True. She has not gone to school for broadcasting/journalism so it’s no surprise at her not being prepared. Unfortunately it was an opportunity given to her and she was unable to really follow through.

      • Truthsayer

        No one his perfect, but her comment was and it’s a true statement!!

      • DMV

        I understand that but she doesn’t know the reasoning behind why she did the way she did. She may have not done well but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve another shot. Everyone doesn’t get the opportunities that others have but that’s life. Maybe she will do better next time.

  • guest

    “self-earned” gig?!?!?!!! WTF

  • SMH

    She’s to busy running the streets club hopping and partying to prepare herself. Christine Millian should have gave her a few pointers.

    • MISS

      Nah she is too busy running behind CB to do anything else. SMH and he still will NOT wife her and that’s a promise. I only saw a clip of it and she did a horrible job. She had notes and still sucked. She fawked her way into hosting. That’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter WHY she fuq’d up, the point is that she did. Get out’cha feelings and your job.

  • breallll

    Kum k era. Talent not needed. It’s all about who you are fawking!


    She should’ve been more on top things. People were waiting for her to slip up like she did so that they can rub it in. She is obviously trying to make a name for herself and I would never knock her or anybody else for doing that. And as for B.E.T. hiring her to host, it’s their network. They don’t care about “experience” or credentials. They want somebody who is going to bring them ratings and they know her fans (all 12 of them), Chris Brown fans, AND Rihanna fans (you know it’s true) are going to tune in to see her. That’s why they were advertising her hosting weeks in advance. So don’t get mad at her for taking advantage of the attention she has been given because the same ones complaining and bashing her are the reason why she was hired. All the hate and negativity propelled her into the spotlight. Y’all continue to show that y’all are interested in her, regardless of what you say, by commenting and bickering back and forth.

    • Keep it 100 24/7

      She is to lazy to prepare for the opportunity that she has been given. She isn’t talented articulate poised or NEARLY as beautiful as people put on. But you are right about who her audience is. If she were as compelling in real life as she were from distance the doors would have blew of the hinges for her long ago. Now she’s robotic plastic air brushed suntanned weaved up like all the other wanna be starlets.

  • te

    she did pump her game there it is

  • te

    next time u want 1 of chris brown gals to do it give it to rih

  • D!ck4BrAiNS

    Herpes and HIV kills the brain cells

  • OnLySaYiNG

    I guess if the NWO was very real and their goal to dumb down society by using social media is true, the proof is in the pudding.
    through the years and watching the new generations coming up its clear just how the NWO is truly winning…. sheeples and social media ‘victims’..its a real shame. At least she tried, had the chance and it obviously wasn’t for her…why knock her to the ground for it. Bet she isn’t losing sleep over it and paid her bills…. life goes on, get over it and move on..surely theres 100 better things to do in life …like LIVE it!!!! instead of concentrating on worthless news….I added my 5p cause some of the captions although cruel were funny..stay blessed …

  • Michelle

    That’s exactly why she got zero tv time and was live streamed. She asked the same questions to each celeb she interviewed and told every celeb she wants Beyoncé to win. She wasn’t personable at all, but what do you expect from someone with no experience? Adrienne was effortless on tv. “N Bitchie” already reported that Karrueche was only given the interview in exchange for Chris’ performance, and Karrueche got mad at “N” for airing out her business like Kermit lol.

    • GeminiSun

      Yep. She asked Charlie Baltimore that same question and she said “Me! I want myself to win!” I could tell she was agitated at that question.