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“[Tuck] isn’t cocky; he’s more like ambitious,” Astro explains. “I didn’t necessarily get a description on what they were looking for. I just auditioned for the part and knew they needed a character to been young and tech savvy. I’d say I was pretty close to that. It was everybody’s first time movie–even the director Dave Green. It was his first time directing a major film. And what made it really fun was we were all learners. Everybody got to experience the movie set for the first time and all my cast members were easy to work with.”

Being a kid from a well-off family in Southern Calif. doesn’t mean that life at home is similar to The Cleavers (word to The Dunphy’s). Tuck’s ability to leave the house during any hour of his choosing exhibits neglect even when money is necessarily an issue. Astro analyzed this by chalking it up as the current American way saying, “I don’t think he was misunderstood by his family–they just ignored him.” Everybody goes through those moments when your mom doesn’t feel like talking all the time.”

Earth to Echo sports a PG-rating and while this is clutch for grade school students looking for some entertainment this summer, it might steer older audiences away in favor of something a little more edgy. Hip-Hop Wired screened the film and can confirm that it is a family movie for people who live in reality. Kids are mischievous and get themselves in trouble even with the best of attentions. Astro co-signs the claims stating, “It’s a 2014 spin on if you actually found an alien today. I think that’s basically what the producer wanted to portray in the film and that’s what happened. But it’s not geared towards any particular age group. It’s for everybody.”

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