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Brian Astro Bradley

Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages

When asked what he felt fans would take away from the film, his response was as just as intelligent as the metaphors in his raps. “I think they will get a strong sense of friendship and I hope they see that sticking together and working with your loved ones and best friends will allow you to achieve more. Being united will help you to conquer,” he confidently stated.

The acting bug has afflicted some of the game’s most talented rappers such as André 3000 and Ice Cube and steered them in a direction away from the area that garnered their initial fame. The music. Astro says he enjoys acting like the next man but didn’t even consider to record so much of a song for the Echo’s soundtrack.

“The rapping and the acting are separate,” he maintains. “I’m not trying to combine the two. The acting is the job, the rapping is just something I do. The film’s I have done have been fun and I’m not going to stop. But I am going to take a break after this TV show I’m working on and then focus more on the music.”

Earth to Echo hits theaters tomorrow, July 2. Get the jump on the box-office crowd and purchase your tickets on Fandago.

Continue on through the gallery to see stills from the film’s many premieres and Echo leaving a half a million square feet imprint in the desert.

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