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Woman Jacked Doctor’s Identity, Gave 2 Dudes Physicals


Usually male doctors get caught up in swindles to fondle lady parts, but the tables turned with Joann Elizabeth Wingate. The 56-year-old Pennsylvania resident was arrested Saturday (June 28) on felony forgery, fraud and identity theft for jacking someone’s identity and illegally performing physicals.

Technically, Wingate was a doctor at one point. She had two now-expired chiropractor’s licenses, and stole her updated medical license from a psychiatrist with the same last name.

Police in South Middleton Township say she charged $65 for the illegal exams. One of her “patients” was a California truck driver who responded to an add at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash. The driver needed a physical in order to get his commercial license. Middleton picked him up and drove him to her home where she did “everything that a doctor would normally do.”

She even went so far as to take a urine sample. The driver didn’t have a problem being treated in someone’s house, yet he finally spotted the jig after he got a call about an issue with his trucker’s license. His Internet search determined that something wasn’t all the way right with Wingate’s certifications. He managed to take a photo of the certificate during a second visit to Wingate and turned the info over to authorities who have been investigating her since early last month.

Ironically, Wingate lost her license for advertising medical services in truck stops. Cops suspect that she has more than just two victims.

As of yesterday, she was being held on $10,000 bail.

Photo: Cumberland Cnty Sheriff’s Office

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