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Madd Mary – “Eff Iggy” (Iggy Azalea Diss) [Listen]


When you’re a leggy, blonde rapper who dates a Black ball player and appear to be an overnight media darling, the target on your back could be pretty humongous. Like, say…the size of Australia.

The more success Iggy Azalea brings about for herself, the more controversy and drama she will likely engage in as well. At press time, there is a photoshopped Facebook shot of her with Drake, T.I. and B.o.B with her social media handle using the n-word making its rounds throughout the Internet. And many took her response to the Nicki Minaj/BET situation as a diss and ran it with it like cold pigskin on a Sunday afternoon.

Now she is the victim to a verbal thrashing (and subsequent on-screen death) at the hands of Madd Mary, a California MC whose bone she had to pick with Iggy just ends up becoming a stabbing weapon.

On her new track “Eff Iggy,” she gathers all the multisyllabic parables she can muster and heave-ho’s them at the “Fancy” rapper, making sure she shoulders the load. With lyrics like, “Think you got permission to rock?/Cuz you were suckin’/South n****s off and listened to Pac?/Soon as they popped the britches you were itchin’ to drop/Sickening to watch how the media done christened you hot,” Mary tells us why she’s “Madd” and then some.

Now comes the dicey part. It will likely be hard to debate that Madd Mary didn’t flex her lyrical superiority towards her competition but in 2014, the road to recognition is easy. Keeping it and elevating the game is the hard part.

Iggy has continuously stressed her exhaustion with Hip-Hop politics and media contrived beef, so the likelihood of her going tit for tat with a virtually unknown is slim to not never. It’s on Mary now to prove she can equal Iggy’s success within the parameters of her own lane without going down as an one-hit hater.

It’s still a good record, however. Check out the video of the Iggy Azalea diss below. The track is available for free download on Bandcamp.

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  • Mark Paul Anthony

    I cant help but being disturbed by the graphic violence of this video as an ultra racist attack and threat against any female Caucasian entering with success in the rap game. Does it incite hatred and cause damage to race relations or is it artistic freedom. I think Madd Mary has crossed the line in a huge way and this kind of expression is very damaging to society, men women and children of all races. But thats my opinion.

    • Hooked

      You clearly aren’t familiar with disses in hip hop. It’s been this way for years, and if you or anyone else can’t take the heat, you should really stay out of the kitchen.

      • Mark Paul Anthony

        I am very knowledgeable of Hip hop disses including my favorite which is Lil Kims “Black Friday”. However this atrocity has crossed every line. And there are lines. Firstly this woman has saturated her diss with blatant false accusations. and ultraviolence based and rooted rooted in the ugliest of all racial falsehoods and viciously attacked an innocent artist, propagating FALSE racist slander and attacking a foreign state and family of the victim simultaneously. If a Caucasian american was to write and publish the same rhymes they WOULD face federal charges. What is worse is that because of the mini-supremiist movement within HipHop as of recently spreading edited images and false rumors throughout social media, the more naive of them are trusting them as fact based and legitimate. Mary and her social media counterparts are creating an environment of hatred and resentment based on LIES and hurting our youth, our society and making decent African Americans cringe with “Damn, someone has to stop this”. This is the reverse scenario of white supremacy which flourished openly just decades ago. Its ugly, evil and an assault on mutual respect and growth among all races.

      • Hooked

        Clearly you’re team Iggy, so you’re predisposed to disbelieving anything anyone says about her, regardless of whether it’s true. There’s more to racism than lynching someone or saying the n-word, and some of what Iggy has said can be construed as supporting white supremacy. I disagree with you; I think that aside from the potentially problematic violence in the lyrics and the video, Madd Mary makes an astonishingly well-articulated point- Iggy could only have gotten away with her weak lyrics, fake accent, and general inauthenticity because she is white. Period. Yes, there might be some hatred and resentment in Mary’s diss (as tends to happen in rap disses), but there’s a whole lot more to it than that. We live in an era where information is highly accessible with just a few clicks and strokes of the keyboard, I suggest you avail yourself of the chance to actually learn about cultural appropriation, white supremacy, and heck, even racism in order to gain an understanding of what Mary is saying.

      • Mark Paul Anthony

        In summarizing your account this is my take. There are a SMALL percentage in the hip hop community that hold the equivalent of a supremacist agenda, that to keep it REAL >>>>
        1. Any FEMALE Caucasian entering the rap game
        2. Achieving certifiable chart success WILL
        3. Threaten the supreme dominance of African American FEMALES in the rap game AND THEREFORE
        4. Threaten a “sacred” category of music traditionally the pride of FEMALE African Americans AND
        5.MUST be discredited as a racist and non-authentic fake TO
        6. Maintain the “sacred ground” of the African American women

        I will state that female African american artists represent about 70% of MY OWN 8000 song itunes collection BUT this NEW agenda of social media bloggers to wrongfully discredit Iggy Azalea to protect Nicki Minaj or the face of the traditional female rap market crosses the line of RIGHT and WRONG.

        I suggest competing artists “up their own game” rather than attacking the artist and public for purchasing Iggy Azalea music. No radio play or media source or label forced Iggy Azalea down my throat. I discovered her myself on youtube.
        and I liked what I heard.

      • Hooked

        I don’t think she’s being torn down simply because she’s a white female. I think she’s being criticized for not being a good rapper in addition to being white, which in some ways is unfair, but in my view it doesn’t come close to being as unfair as far less talented non-black artists benefitting financially from making black music at rates higher than more gifted black artists.

        Think of it this way- if a people of a certain culture create an artform and someone outside of that culture comes in and practices the artform less than half as well and then profits from it disproportionately, don’t the originators of the artform reserve the right to be pissed? I think they do. I take issue with some of the same things as you in black artists’ response to Iggy, but the overall sentiment is worth note.

        I disagree with your theory of the “supremacist agenda” in hip hop to preserve black female dominance because for it to be true supremacy, blacks would need to have full economic, socio-cultural, and creative control over the genre to dictate its direction (they don’t, white industry-owners do). Also, as I said before, when a non-black person raps with actual skill (like Eminem) it is lauded in the hip hop community instead of scorned. I just don’t buy that it’s as cold and calculated as what you describe above. I think it’s just a matter of Iggy being a subpar lyricist who isn’t being true to herself when she raps.

      • Trent Clark

        Very good arguments from the both of you. Neither are rooted in absolutes or wayward thinking.

      • Mark Paul Anthony

        A very intelligent and reasonable response in many ways, however I maintain that for those that are angry, this anger is completely misplaced and displaced. It is the equivalent of being angry at Justin Bieber for his massive success (prior to his meltdown behaviorism’s) or being angry with Usher or Scooter Braun for their part in creating his persona. You also can not hold anger with his 14 year old fangirls for their massive support in moving him forward in the industry. Human beings and the general population will buy into what appeals to them. That consumerism is what creates chart success. Being mad at the world or the industry that brought the artist into that world/industry is fruitless.

        But it is the METHODS used by some media and online social media/bloggers are using in attempts to bring down Iggy Azalea that I take great offence to.

        This is all reminiscent of attempts at backlash against soul singer Joss Stone in the UK. If you are not familiar, Stone was a 16 year old superstar in the 2000’s and became the richest female artist in the UK achieving massive success. The primary difference between her and Azalea was that the US industry coronated her as “The Princess of Soul” endorsed by greats such as James Brown and Aretha Franklin, her talent was UNDENIABLE. But she was blond hair, blue eyed with a heavy British accent and if you closed your eyes you heard nothing but a soulful black woman from the deepest corners of the American south. She had moved to Memphis and picked up vocal slang from the south. She returned to UK to receive her Britt award and in her acceptance speech leaked out southern US slang. The country went berserk and the backlash was massive attacking her as FAKE, unauthentic and almost a traitor to her own culture. She sang like a back woman but now was beginning to speak like one! Joss Stone was authentic in every way and had immersed herself in Memphis culture to understand better the music that was her very soul. It is completely normal to develop a vocal accent and speech slang of the region to which you immerse yourself and perfectly authentic. It is not “fake” and the international soul-music community completely understood that, however those “provincially minded” in UK used it to personally attack her. Still to this day you can find the c-word on social media slurred against her from some in the UK compiled with the foolish men that planned her murder. Those men received the harshest penalties probably ever handed down in the western world for a similar offence, at life and 18 years respectively.

        Azalea certainly does not hold anywhere near the vocal talents as Joss Stone, but both blond hair, blue eyed with a british-like spoken word accent in an African american genre, with performance sounds that completely lose the accents of their birthplace.and sound blatantly BLACK, developed through cultural assimilation and regional relocation. This is natural and NOT fake, and certainly NOT racist or “black-faced” mimic by any means and neither artist should be blamed.

        Am I accusing their critics as being either “provincially minded” or uneducated by socioeconomic constraints or inexperience in the natural assimilation in a foreign culture? Yes I probably am, however I am more so accusing these critics of a certain segment of the Hiphop culture of using hatred based on pure “envy” to use such excuses to slander and threaten the artists in question. This coming from a man who worships Lil’Kim , Foxy Brown,Missy as the only pure queens of female Hip Hop, I still love Azalea’s material and social media attacks will not change that but they will repulse me to the point of an even stronger loyalty to choose as a consumer what I and ONLY myself chooses to purchase. So Madd Mary and her likes and her attempts at career sabotage only make her enemies much STRONGER.

      • Hooked

        I think there’s a valid reason for the heat Iggy’s getting, since she has come out with some insensitive lyrics, made statements that indicate she’s ignorant of racial politics in America, and raps (not very well) in an accent that is not her own. When you say she’s not “racist,” you’re talking about something very specific, while saying problematic and insensitive things is what many are accusing her of.

        Since you mentioned Joss Stone, I repeat again that the difference between her and Iggy is that Joss Stone is actually very good at her craft, while Iggy is not. Stone comes across as actually having respect for the culture, while Iggy seems very ignorant of it outside of how hip hop artists are supposed to sound. Iggy comes across as an imitator, and that image doesn’t ring true to many people. Joss comes across as inspired, and so do Adele, Justin Timberlake, Eminem etc. I’m not sure where you were going with the story about Joss Stone being denounced in the UK, but imo the UK public had a right to be upset because it’s not like she was born and raised in the American South- by that point she was past the crucial age where her native dialect would be affected by her surroundings, so there is no reason she would be adopting a new accent unless she was deliberately trying to be something she wasn’t.

        Regardless, this isn’t even a fair comparison. Sociologically speaking, when someone from a dominant culture assumes the traits of an oppressed culture, like what Iggy and so many others have done in hip hop, it’s called cultural appropriation. End of. No matter how unfair you think it is for people to be leveling hate at her, it is also very unfair that she has basically transported her white privilege with her into hip hop culture.

  • blackalaureate

    mark anthony has caped for iggy in other comments sections. see the article about TI caping for iggy during the “mediocre” screening.

  • NY

    Seriously she probably can out rhyme Iggy’s mentor, and thats why Iggy would be strongly adviced not to respond.I havent herd lyrics that good in decades someone should signe her she remind me of Lauren Hill.