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Kelis Barely Allowing Nas To See His Son Knight


Some things in life are just uncalled for and Kelis is easily making herself the top contender for being Beyotch of the year.

It’s bad enough that she is trying to make Nas pay a debatable amount of money in child and spousal support, but now the rapper is stating that he basically has to leap major bounds just to see his son Knight, whom he said is crawling now.

During an interview with VIBE, the rapper spoke on his strained relationship and attempting to have time with his child.

“My son was born with ice grills, so when his mom feels in the mood she sends pictures.  If not, it’s hell. It’s hell trying to figure that out, trying to get him—I’ll just leave it at that. It’s hell. A man shouldn’t go through that s**t, but it’s another story I’ma tell at a different time.”

It’s bad enough that African-American men are placed under fire for their inability to support their children and aren’t visibly there, but what’s the case when someone like Nas wants to be part of his child’s life, but the mother is making it entirely too difficult and only wants to see dollars?

What’s the real purpose behind all of this Kelis, the people would love to know.

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  • realness

    Come on Kelis. Think about your child first. I’ve been a Kelis fan since day one but she is really disappointing me with the way she has been acting regarding this divorce & custody situation. I am realizing more & more how selfish she is…even some of the things that she says…just selfish. let that baby have a relationship with his dad who wants to be there…you know how many women & children wish daddy was making an effort to see their children? NO excuse. Actually custody should have been top priority here…NOT ALIMONY!

  • This just shows that it doesn’t matter how much money a man has. Kelis is scorned and she is using the child against him!

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  • illustrious

    1st!!!! and u wonder why black men eventually get a white woman or another race… cause most of our sistas be mad triffling… trust me I know she just like my baby momma… like kanye said… “then he gonna find himself a white girl” less fuggin drama for real and always into you for you and not ur wallet…. go ahead hate on me…. u cant tell me this is “my” experience

    • Mandingo Virus

      Why is Kelis the reason for black men dating out? That makes no sense what so ever. As if white women don’t came with drama. Somebody better ask OJ.

      There’s two sides to every story. Just because some of you see Nas as this super guy, doesn’t mean that’s who he is behind closed doors. For all we know he could be on drugs. If he wants to see his kid..go to court. It’s not like he can’t afford it. Nas is the typical “she wont let me see my child” black man. They have more excuses than a cop caught on cam kicking somebody a- -!

    • M Lynnet

      I don’t allow my ex to take his son for visitiation. We have 3 kids together. The older 2 do go with their father but foe my youngest first year of life he denied him. …then when he was done with his white woman (that he cheated on me with ) he started coming around to try to get his son. By then I was already seeing someone new. The new man recently proposed to me and I said yes. My reasoning is different than Kelis’. My ex denied his son but even when he started coming around my 2 year old doesnt know him and he is attached to my fiance. He also allowed his white chick to press my daughter hair with a hot comb…NOW IM MAD.) Men think about the choices you make in life and how it affects the kids. Im not saying stay in an abusive relationship but a home requires 2 parents….Im very traditional in my views and have found that in the past my view works. We (black people) are so quick to lay up and make kids but trifling and tacky in our raising them. We would rather live sub-standard and economically backwards lives than shut up, get counseling and raise our familes. NO…this man wont see his son AND I will tell my son when hes older why. In the meantime…he has a father figure…not an arm chair couch daddy dropping by to play games and giving me a bag of diapers….lame, lame, lame men!

  • RedboneKillBill

    SMDH children should never be invovled in such foolishness and I can’t stand women who use them as weapons. Kelis you knew d*mn well what it was when you laid down with Nas and you still choose to do it. You need to woman up and let him spend time with his son.

  • jswang

    This happens all so often to men and they get branded as bad fathers. It’s unfortunate when women act like this when the man wants to be involved in his kids life.
    Damn, you already getting enough money and then you don’t want allow him to see his child. I really hate women like this.

  • JustSayin

    We really don’t know what’s going on here. Just because the man has hits doesn’t mean he’s not a threat to his ex-wife or child or… maybe he’s lying. Also, the judge came to that child support agreement BASED ON NAS’s INCOME. His child should live just as lavishly as he does. Damn.

  • anthony averiette II

    this is a never ending story with women of her type (scorned, if it’s true. hold ya head nas and remember my brotha. u reap what you sow so just be patient it will all work out for you in the end…


  • currvalicous

    This situation has gotten sooo ugly, I would love to know what in the world he did to her. She’s really giving him the business.

    • robnice89

      It does not matter what he did or what she did. The marriage is over between them, the parenting does not end because the marriage does. My son’s Father passed away when he was 1 1/2. i wish he had a father. When a father wants to be involved, LET HIM. Be glad he has one because the alternative is not good. A son needs a father…period

  • anthony averiette II

    this is a never ending story with women of kelis kind. hold ya head nas and remember ‘you reap what you sow’, she’ll get hers in the end~be patient my brotha!


  • realityWRECKER

    kelis is a str8 p i e c e of s h i t.
    if i was nas id burned her house down like 50 did but with kelis in it still a blazed.

  • 2sides to every story ppl. the child is still young. Im sure Nas is seeking court ordered visitation/custody. ppl always give the PC answer when they know if it was them itd be a different story.look at all the sides of the issue

  • Bleep It


  • Mz

    black woman do this shhhhh all the time
    my brother is going thru the same BS
    jus pure selfishness….smh

  • Honeychild

    Nas can get a lawyer and get joint custody or visitation if he wants it. Denying daddy time only hurts mother and child the worst in the end. She’s hurting, but she don’t have to hurt the baby too.

  • Dot.

    Any one who thinks its ok for a child to be kept from their father is a dumb as$ and I am saddened for my brothas out there who will get trapped with an amoral broad like Kelis. Whatever happened in their relationship is one thing… the kid should never be involved in the mess, period. Women kill me with the selfish mindset Shyte. Ladies, how would you feel if the man won custody and wouldn’t let you see your son? There would be hell, so how is different because its a man? Everyone deserves good parents and to wish an austere situation on that child by promoting the crazy actions of his deranged mother is not only shameful but a sad indicator of how scewed society’s view of reality is.

  • Lawyerdude

    It’s obvious, she did not love nas, she only looked at him as a means to survive. She can care less if Nas live or die. Poor decisons from Nas always.

  • Mesainy

    Anybody that agrees with Kelis go kill yourself.

  • Sandi

    Child support and visitation are not connected. He should have scheduled visits through the custody agreement. His support payments are another issue. No judge would agree that if you don’t pay you can’t see your child. But it appears that she is back at work and they need a regular schedule for visitation that he needs to keep. You can’t just show up and complain because she does not let you see the child. I would be concerned as to where he takes the child and with whom.

  • P.S. – and yes, men are scorned and bitter also. Single mothers can never win. Single fathers or a man who shows even a LITTLE interest in the child is acclaimed. Just doesnt make sense

  • Layla

    And so what is Nas cheated? That does not have anything to do with him being a father to his child. Parents need to love their children more that they hate one another.

  • LadyNubia8

    It’s true what some say, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge when we don’t know both sides to the story. From my standpoint, all this hearsay is not a making ‘TeamKelis’ look very good.
    I blame both ADULTS in this situation. In this messed up world we’re so quick to get caught up in our own pettiness and immaturity that we can’t see straight or talk/make sense! Why not work things out and put aside differences for the one person who didn’t ask to be in-between. Allow this child the chance to receive love & know BOTH sides of himself (his parents)! It’s not right or fair the way they are behaving!

  • Roe ski Love

    Things like this are what kills a brothers creativity. How can Nas be that dude, when Kellis is doing nothing but creating drama for him? Meanwhile JZ is putting out some def music because his creative juices are flowing, and his relationship with his wife is not distracting him. Kellis is showing exactly why black men are swirling. It’s not that we don’t love our sisters, it’s more like we can’t stand the way you treat us.

    • LadyNubia8

      @ ROESKILOVE…..

      I understand your point however, is it really fair to say that the reason you’d ‘jump ship’ on an ENTIRE race of female is b/c of the ONE lowly one you picked turned out to be a monster?!! That’s not fair!!

  • Weslyn

    what in the hell??!! some of these comments are so ignorant- from the brotha talking about all of us sistas are trifling to the sista talking about he messed up in the marriage and shouldn’t have tried to hide the money…the child has nothing to do with what happened in the marriage and all the african-american women i know who are not with the child’s father who never use the child as collateral…and even if the man can’t provide financially right now, he should be able to provide the time and care for the child

  • nicoleredz3

    Kelis, as being black, many black kids are not lucky to know their fathers and you are fortunate that Nas wants to see his son. Many black men don’t want to see theirs and you are indeed ungreatful and Knight won’t be pleased with you when he gets older, I’m sure. I would be mad at you, too…

  • akeina

    Is Nas really surprised? He knew what type of hoodrat she was when he married that. Everybody in the NY knows that girl inside and out, LITERALLY!. Ask 50 Cent. The fact that there are plenty of black men in the world who DONT get to see their kids for a variety of reason or dont want to see their kids, should make Kelis fall on her knees and remember to thank GOD her kid has a great role model. She is a skank

  • This is not at all surprising.

  • Eman

    Any woman that uses their child as a tool for financial gain is truly a poor excuse for a woman. What a sorry b*%#h!!

  • KJ

    She’s a jackass…

  • Kim Barfield

    Who cares?! We blog and give our opinion but truth be told most REAL single mom’s are trying to figure out what the hell to do with $100.00 bucks a month for two kids. Damn these “so called” celebs and their “fake” problems”! Let’s move on to the oil spill and the need to boycott BP!!!! LOVIN EVERYONE whether i agree with your opinion or not!

  • Michelle

    I am not going to come on here and leave a message, bashing Kelis (or even Nas for that matter). The only people who knows what went on in that marriage is Kelis and Nas, so I am not going to go as far as write a bunch of rubbish.
    But I will say that if Nas is being cheated out of forming a relationship with his son, then Mr. Jones needs to file a complaint with family court.
    I have heard the “she won’t let me see my kid(s)” excuse one too many times in my own community and then fall off the face of the Earth.


    There’s always two sides to every story.. no ones knows what went on behind close doors.. sometimes bitterness plays its toll on African American Women when a man carries you through extreme measures or VS. versa… but the child is the one that will get hurt in the end..