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The Internet Floods Brazil With World Cup Memes After Being Thrashed By Germany [Photos]


When their best player in Neymar went down with a horrific injury in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Brazilian squad knew their chances of the championship was laughable at best. However, the amount of embarrassment they endured when facing off against Germany in the semifinal earlier today was not foreseen by anyone.

The home team took a 7-1 asswhooping to end up on the wrong side of history.

Via Fox Sports:

It was the biggest margin of victory ever in a World Cup semifinal — and it will rank as one of the greatest humiliations ever for the proud nation of Brazil. It is not a stretch to say that every player in this game will be marked by this result forever.

The Germans put on a show that will have historians reaching for superlatives. Their five goals in just 29 minutes was the fastest ever in World Cup history, their seven of course the most ever in a semifinal. But this also was a total collapse for Brazil, an abdication that will be chewed over for decades.

Sure, they were without their star player, the injured Neymar. And yes, they had also lost their captain, Thiago Silva, to suspension. No one was under the illusion this was a vintage Brazilian side after they had been taken to penalties by Chile in the Round of 16, and struggled against a tough Colombian team in the quarterfinals.

But the way the Germans took them apart was more than a shock, and the catcalls that cascaded down from the Mineirao masked a far greater hurt. This loss is equal to the great scar that still hangs over Brazilian football: Their defeat in the finals of the 1950 World Cup in Uruguay.

The scoreboard doesn’t lie. Brazil had not given up more than five goals to an opponent in the World Cup since 1938 — and they won that match 6-5, over Poland, in extra-time. And they had not lost a competitive match at home to anyone since 1975. This surpassed their worst loss ever, to Uruguay, in 1920.

Of course the Internets was unrelentless in their ridicule and unleashed some hilarious World Cup memes to kick them while they were down.

Flip through the gallery below to see the funniest memes the Internet had to offer except for Hitler ones. That struggle can go elsewhere.

Photos: Twitter

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