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Study Finds Whites & Asians Cop Better Plea Deals Than Blacks & Latinos


There’s a not-so-surprising racial hierarchy within the  justice system in the New York City area. According to a study conducted by the Vera Institute of JusticeWhites and Asians receive better plea deals, and other legal breaks than Blacks and Latinos.

Versa collaborated with D.A.’s in New York and New Jersey “in order to ensure the integrity of the justice system, it is essential that case outcomes do not disproportionately affect members of certain racial and ethnic groups—and that any disparities be identified so solutions can be developed.”

The two-year study analyzed more than 200,000 cases with emphasis on prosecutors at specific junctures of criminal case including dismissal, plea deals, sentencing recommendations, and pretrial detention.

In the case of plea bargaining for misdemeanor sentence offerings, Blacks were 13 percent more likely to receive prison or jail time vs. community service, fines, or probation, in comparison to Whites and Asian in similar predicaments. Latinos were 5 percent more likely to fall into the same category, while Asian were 25 percent less likely to receive jail or prison sentence offerings. Prior arrests, legal representation, and past prison sentences factor into bargain options for offenders.

Of the four races, Asians had the best legal victories. The study found that Asian offenders received better sentences for both misdemeanor and felonies.

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  • MrAllen82

    I didn’t know there was 4 races. Hispanics is a ethnic group, not a race!…..this just proves lady liberty aint shiit

    • Fenny Famous

      They need to change it so they can blame white people for their laziness and irresponsibility

  • armchair_warrior

    People take account of their past criminal histories when offering deals. Asians commit the least amount of crimes. whites ratio of population commit less than blacks or Hispanics. yeah better deal only if you’re not a career criminal!

    Blacks and Hispanics who isn’t a career criminal probably would receive a better deal than Asians or whites due to PC to correct the “imbalance”.

    • Fenny Famous

      I’m glad to see there’s some sanity in the world. Even AG holder can’t comprehend what you are saying and think it’s because of racism

  • BuckSnorts Rush

    the media and liberals are trying to get the latinos to side with the blacks… won’t happen.. Latinos can live in peace with each other and even with blacks as long as they don’t start crap.. blacks can’t live in peace with anybody.. not even themselves..

    • ernie t boomer

      So true bud, blacks ruin everything.

  • Judges tend to go easier when you have:
    1) a job
    2) a family
    3) an education
    4) a means of restitution
    5) no criminal history

    • Fenny Famous

      6) remorse

  • Aangᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ