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#TweetLikeJadenSmith Hashtag Jabs At Young Actor’s Tweets [Photos]


Can a young brother get a pass? The Internets didn’t see that as a feasible option for Jaden Smith, whose Yoda-esque approach to tweeting sparked the #TweetLikeJadenSmith hashtag.

You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands” is a real tweet by the 16-year-old actor/rapper. Add some farce to the mix and it’s easy to understand why this trending topic had high comedic value. 

Tweets mimicking Smith’s introspective words (which many clearly see as nonsense) flooded timelines. Find the most hilarious of the bunch on the following pages. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Twitter

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  • Virginia Solomon

    The kid is a dummy and the world knows it. Maybe his parents should have put some emphasis on “Learning” even if they don’t believe in “Education” since those two things are not one in the same. There is no excuse for Jayden and Willow to be as ignorant and stupid as they are.

  • MLS2698

    He was high when he tweeted those!