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Not So Fancy: 10 Times Iggy Azalea Got Dissed [Photos]


Iggy Azalea is at that high point in her career where people can’t stop attacking her. The dichotomy is as strange as it is par for the course, once an artist reaches a certain stature.

This should be a time in Azalea’s life where she’s basking in the glory of her success, especially moving across the world (that probably wasn’t easy) and grinding hard on the rap sidelines. It wasn’t until “Fancy” blew up that she officially became a hot topic.

Regardless of personal opinions, Azalea has done well for herself in 2014. “Fancy” has now topped Billboard for seven weeks, and a month ago she matched the Beatles charts record. In fact, she’s now so big the hits just keep coming, and we don’t mean the music kind.

A few days ago, Buzzfeed rounded up a list of “28 People Who Just Found Out Iggy Azalea Is White,” and Chuck D just blasted her for using the n-word  –without substantial proof that she actually used the n-word.

Is she an easy target? Probably. A southern-sounding Australian rapper is bound to catch the shaft at least once in their career. She seems to be making her way through it though.

View 10 times she got dissed in the gallery below.

Photo: WENN

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  • Daria

    Stupid article. Do one about the likes of T.I., Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Nas, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Remy Ma, Keyshia Cole, Jimmy Iovine, etc. that have given Iggy praise and support. Oh and YG is friends with Iggy since like 2010/1, and DJ Mustard produced her latest single with T.I. so…

    • red

      ….aaaand she’s still wack.
      michael jackson* AND tupac* could come back to do a cameo in one of her videos …. and she still be wack

      * absurd I know, MJ and Pac would never co sign such lameness lol

    • BlazeA

      She is an inauthentic culture vulture!

    • Kieso

      I’m actually shocked such big names would co-sign such a lame wannabe as Iggy. I mean how could they all support her? For what? I just don’t get it and I’m not even hating but she is so beyond fake and her “rap” is horrible. They should all be ashamed for promoting her. There are more talented and less gimmicky white female rappers out there. I’m just saying.

  • BlazeA

    Ugh! I wish she’d just disappear!

  • red

    All I hear is “I”m jealous someone’s successful”

    • Kieso

      But what reason would anyone be jealous for? She has no talent. I would define her music as “rap mocking” and not actual rap. I’m surprised anyone in the hip hop community would support her. She’s basically the 2014 Vanilla Ice.

  • T.C.

    When critics went after Eminem at the beginning of his career what did he do? He didn’t do dis-tracks, he put those critics in their place with some of his rap lyrics. After that people stop criticizing him and realized how good he is. Iggy need to do the same and keep proving everyone wrong.

    • Kieso

      When she begins to stop being fake and make better music or become more talented, maybe than you could make that comparison. Until than, don’t compare them because they couldn’t be more opposite. All white rappers are NOT created equal.

  • kiki

    No talent? Really?

    Funny how she’s out there making records, has a #1 hit and is guesting on talk show after talk show…. and you jackass ‘ s are commenting on a blog…. hmmm