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China Grossed $135 Billion With Fake Beats Headphones, Dr. Dre Sues


Apparently when something can’t be “Made in China,” the eastern powerhouse opts to go the counterfeit route.

At least, that’s what the struggle Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s cash cow in Beats Music is looking at from their telescope.

The country is being accused for housing several websites that sell fake headphones that have amasses sells of $135 billion.

Now the Apple team aren’t just coming for the lion’s share, but the cub’s scraps as well.

Reports TMZ:

Dr. Dre — who just made a fortune selling off Beats headphones — wants to stop cheap, Chinese-made knockoffs from jacking his reputation … so his company is suing alleged counterfeiters for what could easily be BILLIONS of dollars!

In the lawsuit, Beats claims a nefarious group of unnamed websites based in China … are getting filthy rich selling cheaply-made, counterfeit headphones, bearing the red “b” logo — and raking in more than $135 BILLION in revenue.

Beats points out it’s the headphone of choice for Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Diddy and tons of other celebs … according to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ — so it has a vested interest in protecting its trademark.

Beats is suing to stop all sales of the forgeries … and to take over all of the domain names used by websites hawking the fakes.

Dre and co. also want ALL profits from the head-phonies. And that’s no dim sum.

If the lawsuit proves to be successful, Dre could easily see himself an undisputed billionaire. Good look convincing all those citizens to switch remove those fake Beats headphones from their head, though.

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  • ShootingStar

    Hes not gonna win and if he does…..hes not gettin that whole amount lol

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  • We$hallS33

    Its happening all over. I brought my daughter a cute pair of Nike airs from famous footwear. She always takes care of her shoes and clothes. In a months time they fell apart, piece by piece. Bootleg arse shoes….no wonder they were running a bogo sale. I have never shopped there since. My friend try to get me to buy sandals there…I said he!! No….fool me once shame on you and you won’t get a second chance

    • kale is king

      i hate that store. the selection is poor, the shoes are a weird quality and their prices seem rather high. i’d much rather go to tj maxx or buy online. zappos has amazing customer service and a great selection.

  • Aangᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ