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Star Threatens To Slap Ebro In Place Of Peter Rosenberg [Video]


Star is a friend to no rapper or media personality. So when the master of “objective hate” had the opportunity to step to Ebro Darden of HOT97 for the recent comments Peter Rosenberg made about Chuck D, things almost got ugly.

While the Total Slaughter battle did not live up to expectations (at least of Joe Budden fans), it seemed that there was plenty of behind the scenes verbal sparring that should have made it to the actual pay per view.

Weeks before Star, of Star & Buc Wild, and Ebro got into a heated Twitter exchange after Peter Rosenberg dismissed Chuck D. as washed up. Star accused the former program director of making statements to the police regarding the infamous Junior M.A.F.I.A. shooting that would put Lil’ Kim behind prison for a year.

Vlad TV caught Star before the show went live as he went looking for Ebro who now quarterbacks the HOT 97 morning show with Rosenberg. “Let’s run up on Ebro, he’s been talking real greasy. Let’s see if he is really about that life.”

What proceeds is a tense but amusing confrontation. After some back and forth Star does not back down from his original threat against Peter saying: “I will slap him dead in his mouth in front of you and I just want to say that.”

Naturally Darden wasn’t believing the authenticity of a fade that was to be issued, so Star offered to slap him instead. Thankfully both of them walked away untouched.

You can watch the clip below and read through all the tweets they exchanged on the following pages.

Do you think Star will eventually put hands on Rosenberg? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo: Vlad TV

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  • elpinchemayate

    s/o to ebro for holding his man Rosenberg down, I like star but that was fraud

  • buck

    growm men acting like housewives he said she said aaron hall right corny niccas are like a disease

  • DontBeMad

    I love Star. He’s crazy and still out of his mind. I think Ebro’s telling some truth in is tweet. C0caine appears to be Star’s bff. I love the shyt talk. Ebro is so damn FOINE!

    • Judge Judy

      tooooooooooooooo foine!
      Does he have a spouse?

      • blackqueen

        Ebro is a thot lol. He’ll Tell U Himself. He’s a Oakland cat. Born and bred. I thought him and k michelle was messing around.

      • DontBeMad

        I believe it. He’s very nice looking and I bet women are constantly throwing themselves at him. He doesn’t seem like a one-woman type guy. He’s real nice to look at.

      • Judge Judy

        lol yeah? well he foine, I’m sure having all the girls make him not know how to act..tisk tisk.

      • DontBeMad

        I don’t think so, but last I heard he was seeing someone (a female….amen!). He just does it for me, and light skin men aren’t what I’m most attracted too.

      • Judge Judy

        girlll, me too. I’m a dark chocolate lover

  • Avatar Aang

    Star is a lame

  • blackqueen

    Ebro ain’t bout that life. I fuqqq with star, heavy but do u think he’s dumb enough to slap Ebro on camera. I gotta admit Ebro is fine tho. He could get it .


    He wanted no parts of Ebro bruhbruh

    • Melly Carter

      Foreal tho lol

  • UMMMMM…..

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ebro

  • Ebro…Muy caliente

    Although he can be an arrogant *uck. Ebro, has swagger….lots of it :).. On top of his looks…the swagger is what makes him so appealing. Trust and believe …he knows it.