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Star Threatens To Slap Ebro In Place Of Peter Rosenberg [Video]

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

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  • elpinchemayate

    s/o to ebro for holding his man Rosenberg down, I like star but that was fraud

  • buck

    growm men acting like housewives he said she said aaron hall right corny niccas are like a disease

  • DontBeMad

    I love Star. He’s crazy and still out of his mind. I think Ebro’s telling some truth in is tweet. C0caine appears to be Star’s bff. I love the shyt talk. Ebro is so damn FOINE!

    • Judge Judy

      tooooooooooooooo foine!
      Does he have a spouse?

      • blackqueen

        Ebro is a thot lol. He’ll Tell U Himself. He’s a Oakland cat. Born and bred. I thought him and k michelle was messing around.

      • DontBeMad

        I believe it. He’s very nice looking and I bet women are constantly throwing themselves at him. He doesn’t seem like a one-woman type guy. He’s real nice to look at.

      • Judge Judy

        lol yeah? well he foine, I’m sure having all the girls make him not know how to act..tisk tisk.

      • DontBeMad

        I don’t think so, but last I heard he was seeing someone (a female….amen!). He just does it for me, and light skin men aren’t what I’m most attracted too.

      • Judge Judy

        girlll, me too. I’m a dark chocolate lover

  • Avatar Aang

    Star is a lame

  • blackqueen

    Ebro ain’t bout that life. I fuqqq with star, heavy but do u think he’s dumb enough to slap Ebro on camera. I gotta admit Ebro is fine tho. He could get it .


    He wanted no parts of Ebro bruhbruh

    • Melly Carter

      Foreal tho lol

  • UMMMMM…..

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ebro

  • Ebro…Muy caliente

    Although he can be an arrogant *uck. Ebro, has swagger….lots of it :).. On top of his looks…the swagger is what makes him so appealing. Trust and believe …he knows it.