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#DrakeSingForJasmin: Teen Twitter Attempts To Get Drake To Sing At Fan’s Funeral [Photos]



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  • Krissy

    Actually Jasmin photoshopped that photo months ago she really adored him! Everybody repost #drakesingforjasmin she deserves this!

  • Misss

    I understand she was a fan and her death is tragic but singing at her funeral is a bit much in my opinion. Hes not even a singer, to sing a gospel song at a funeral but if he sung were going on home at a memorial service would be ok I guess or send something like a bouquet that would be fine. #Drakesendloveforjasmin

    • Jessica

      I agree

  • Jasmine

    No one photoshopped those pictures of them together – she did. She always did that, she completely adored Drake. Any kind of acknowledgement would be amazing, honestly, but she was even in the process of saving for drake tickets. It was her dream – and if we can help her even a little bit, then that’s what we’ll do! #drakesingforjasmin

  • christmas808

    he better go they way he be flying city to city for these h o e s and to be a groupie to these basketball players… he better go see a fan that died supporting his corny self…. but he probably wont…. but thats none of my business…

  • Jessica

    This is a bit much and I think people believe they are entitled. Social media has a lot of people thinking they are God’s

    • me

      She’s dead……and will not hear him. Entitlement is ridiculous. He DOES NOT owe her or her stupid twitter idiots ANYTHING.

      • Jessica

        I agree

      • christmas808

        u sound really insensitive… how do u know she wont here him?

      • me

        Hear not here. Dead is dead, no hearing, seeing, feeling………DEAD…..the opposite of alive. What’s so difficult to understand about that? This is some ghetto silliness

      • christmas808

        you would now what death feels like because I’m sure you’ve resurrected to come back and tell us all…. go to hell

      • Derek

        Never feed into their foolishness. They don’t need to know why we do it.
        I guess they do not believe in God or the after life to believe that
        she can hear and see from Heaven. Your body may be dead but our Spirits
        live on. They are already putting their take on it as society will do.
        For everyone that knew Jasmine, such as myself, knows why we did it. It
        has nothing to do with entitlement or people thinking they are God’s. If
        you truly want something in life go after it. If that were the case
        then i guess we all believe we are Gods for going after what we truly
        want in life.Whether she is alive or not, a dream is a dream.

  • Azrael

    They’re using her death and her love for Drake to get their oppurtunity to see him. If she can’t witnessed him why bother getting him to sing at the funeral? I wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing my dead family member or friend’s favorite singer/celebrity and they couldn’t, especially if they were a bigger fan.

  • Sleepy One

    I think him going and singing at her funeral would be too much, and she can’t hear or see him. It would be a good idea if he sent a floral arrangement.

  • stopbeggingforhandouts

    broke people want everything for free… stop guilt tripping celebs to validate your worth

  • JasCity

    Jasmin photoshopped those pictures actually…you can check her instagram..and we are not asking for handouts. All we want is for jasmin’s dream to come true. We understand drake is busy but 5 min out of his day to acknowledge us would be proof enough that all this hard work didnt go to waste. Jasmin’s death brought our city together in a way that we never thought would happen. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please show respect. At the end of the day this is someones daughter, sister, and friend. Thank you.

    • Azrael

      “All we want is for jasmin’s dream to come true. We understand drake is busy but 5 min out of his day to acknowledge us would be proof enough that all this hard work didnt go to waste.” But that sounds a little bit like entitlement and I’m not trying to be disrespectful. You mention it was Jasmine’s dream and then in the next sentence “acknowledge us”, it comes off as using her dream to get what others want. It’s good the community came together and that’s better and powerful than Drake acknowledging Jasmin. I send my condolences to her family and friends and hope that even if Drake doesn’t do anything it will not take away from Jasmin’s existence, value and personality that she had in this world.

    • me

      Drake doesn’t owe you or Jasmine any time out of his schedule. Grieve for your friend and hopefully learn a lesson from the life she lived and her untimely death at such a young age. A fan does not grant you status in anyone’s life except your own. Be the star in your own life. And PLEASE do not spend your money on those useless roadside memorials of teddy bears, balloons and candles!!!!!!! I’m sure there are bills that need to be paid

  • JuJu

    That’s a little creepy, maybe he’ll send flowers or something

  • buck

    R i p to her but her loved ones man play one of his songs keep it pushin because thats just to crazy and you giving tomuch power to your stars and keyboards

  • buck

    That what i mean when i say young folks today dont know how to seperate whats real from fake reality shows are scripted that man is a human being that you dont know now why would he show up at a funeral to someone he does not know thats not even reality bases

  • DRUNK247

    Thats just taking it too far

  • theimdb

    Dang, looks like someone is willing to pay Drake 100K to show up at her funeral. Just google Drake 100,000 sing for jasmin

  • Derek

    The comments that have been made are unreal. Everyone acts as if they are not human any more and acts as if it is impossible to make dreams come true. The real Reality is that if you truly want something go after it. Believing something is impossible just shows how small of a thinker you are and how confined in a box you are. If everyone believed that what they want is only a fantasy and not reality then Bill Gates would not be here. Steve Jobs would not be here. Most of the artist that grew up in a life that would have made you cry everyday would not be here. They are who they are today only because they had a dream and they executed everything they needed to make it come to past. No one wants entitlement nor to be a god because their is only one true and living God. The only thing that anybody wanted was someone who loved Drake more than anything, someone who was saving up for his next concert so that she could finally get the chance she always wanted to see him, someone who Photoshopped her pictures with him because she adored him that much, to get her last dream. It is never too much. Nothing in this world is ever too much in this crazy society we live in. If it were your loved ones and they had a ffinal dream and didnt live to see it out, you would try your best to make it happen even if all else failed because it is not about what the dream is, but the fact, it was their last dream. This is not about entitlement or trying to be god or even trying to use her as an opportunity to see him. Not to mention it would not have been for free. This is about someones LAST DREAM! One more thing, yes she would have been able to witness it because only her bodied died. Her spirit lives on, not only in everyone that loved her, but also in Heaven. If you truly do believe in God then you should know that she would have been their to witness it. I’m sure God will would have allowed her to see the turnout for her being that God gives us the desires of our heart and that is the Word of God. If you believe in evil and the devil then you must believe in good and God, and to believe in either you must know that she would have been there to see it even if she was not physically present. It is a home-going celebration and not a funeral. A celebration of life. Everyone is so traditional these days but God said do not mourn but celebrate and again that is the Word of God. Society loves to blow things out of proportion and dilute any situation. Just let it be. Especially in situations like this snide comments definitely are not needed because it is ungodly and inhumane. It was a LAST DREAM nothing more nothing less.

  • Aangᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ