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Jay Electronica Questions Music Industry’s I.Q., Calls Out Drake, Kendrick Lamar & More [Photos]


Jay Electronica has been on a Twitter tear since blazing the stage at the 2014 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival over the weekend. His first batch of tweets were celebratory flicks from his guest laden performance, but in the aftermath came commentary about the state of the music industry.

“The I.Q. of the entire music industry and the world in general is at an all time low. #AcceptYourOwnAndBeYourself,” Jay Elect tweeted. He extended his critiques to 97 percent of the artists in music as a whole, who he says “are making songs about absolutely nothing.”

Now, this isn’t the first time that the New Orleans born lyricist has gone on a Twitter tangent, nor is it a new accusation to hear from an MC. For that very reason, many were quick to shoot down his message and order him to find a studio, stat. But Electronica had a witty quip about that too.

“What would you rather, 20 albums about nothing or 1 song about something real genuine good and true? #SmartenUp #The MatrixHasYou,” he wrote.

Interestingly enough, Electronica posted a few more images, but he mentioned rappers like Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Wale and Drake in the mentions. It’s unclear if this was charge for these artists to do more or an act of admiration.

Most of the aforementioned tweets have since been deleted. But feel free to see them in the gallery after the jump.

Photo: YouTube

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  • hotreeze33

    Real dude right here…peace to the gods and those before the gods

    • Legendary Trolly

      Real dude? Tell him to rap about it instead of tweeting about it. Im tired of this old man sitting on the sideline aging, not doing anything with his career.

      • hello im back

        amen its always the old washed up rappers that stay mad and hatin

      • hotreeze33

        The few raps he’s done is better than 95 % of the trash rap out now. he better than anybody in ur top 5 son

      • Legendary Trolly

        No he’s not he’s a HORRIBLE rapper. Yea he a good lyricist, but he doesnt have the voice for rap. He sound like a random fat dude spitting some lyrical stuff and it doesnt translate.

      • hotreeze33

        So let me get this straight, since he sound fat he not jamming?? Ur a clown son…#conversationterminated

      • Legendary Trolly

        No he just dont have the voice for rap. He need to be a ghost writer.

  • hello im back

    this dude needs to get a job, hes a lame signed to jay z label still a flop.

    • Silas

      Why would he need a job when he is essentially married to a Rothschild. You seriously think money is a issue lol

      • solofromtoronto

        Whos he married to?

      • LeeLeeC

        A rich a$$ white woman…

  • buck

    he is right cant build no better future with the beliefs and practices that folks are indulging in today us that know the truth need to come toghether save and teach those whom want to learn and push out the ignorance like make that stuff not matter anymore real talk

  • buck

    at some point we need to change th ignorance being dealt by ourown kind and others some that are black mean us no good and this is a lost brotha do them like cujo on momas you cats lost are onlyin the way from whats real truth hurts but its the truth

  • buck

    see these comments shows you how lost folks are dont marry who he married to what about the truth like j cole with some of you females all you know is turn the lights out thats sad we need more strong black women not more air headed b and h and more strong black men not want to be coward thugs and pimps i mean wtf same sh since the seventies thats sad but they got us half of us on borad with their planthats some cold true talk.Lost blacks are worser then racist whites on momas like yaw say

  • buck


  • ashaaa

    I see no lies

  • RandyMJones

    Deleted my last comment huh? All good… You cant delete the truth

  • hello im back

    this dude is dating a white women tho, so why is he trying to save blks