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Woman Allegedly Robbed 3 Men At Gunpoint, Mugshot May Confuse You [PHOTO]


Ashlee Williams is clearly about that life. About a week ago, the 25-year-old was accused of robbing three men at gunpoint in Dayton, OH, but her mugshot may be the most fascinating part of this story. 

Report WHIO:

Ashlee Williams, 25, is in jail for felonious assault, three counts of felony aggravated robbery and one felony count of carrying a concealed weapon, according to jail records.

Police said she had a gun hidden in her bra when they arrested her around 3 a.m. on East Third near St. Clair Street.

A man there said she fired a shot at him when he tried to run. Two other men said she held a gun at their heads and robbed them of their phones and wallets, according to a police report.

A fourth man reported being robbed in the area, but left before police arrived.

Williams said she had the weapon for her own protection, and felt threatened by the men inside the Masque nightclub.

As for the mugshot (see below), there’s a good chance her victims may have been hella confused when they were told they got juxed by a woman.

That is all we’re going to say about that.


Photo: Montgomery County Jail

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    She looks like Mack Wilds!

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    She’s looks like dopey from snow white

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      U bogus for that

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    That is not a woman!

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    Damn, she knew she couldn’t use her feminine wiles to get money from men, so a gun replaced the p¤¤n.

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    Lmao this story is hilarious!

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    Thats a female?!

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    Dayum, thought it was a man! You never know!

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    Lil Durk?

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    Blue Ivy all grown up.


    You gotta check the packages instead of the face and body nowadays. Messed up!!!!!!

    • La La (the original)

      You do know that they are “rearranging” packages these days. Therefore, checking packages may not provide the “proof” needed. Folks are going to need to go a bit deeper i.e. genes/chromosomes.

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        Lol! Can you go deep fish diving without being in a relationship??? Anyhoo, your reply made me laugh.

    • ShelbyMoore

      Freak that…you’ve to take them to a genealogists.

  • Kitten Roulaine

    I’ve looked at that photo 8 times, with my eyes in varied states of open, I even closed them both and opened them again at the same time, and I still don’t see woman !

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  • TF?

  • Tareyah

    Wait I’m confuse about this story

  • LOLS

    If she had a weave and some makeup on then maybe that would soften her features, theres a lot of hard looking females without the hair and make up.

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    I doubt she get in the club free before 11

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