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Swaggy P Had To Console Iggy Azalea After Rumored Nicki Minaj Shade


Following Nicki Minaj’s BET Awards speech weeks ago, the Hip-Hop world was left to believe a beef between her and Iggy Azalea was on the cusp of existing.

Said beef remains a speculation even after The Barbz denied the rumor over Twitter and Iggy claimed to be unbothered by anything said in the speech. But in a recent interview with New York Daily, Iggy’s NBA beau Nick “Swaggy P” Young suggests there was certainly a strain between the two.

“I had to deal with the aftermath of all that. When she came home and was going through her phones, hearing everybody talking trash about her. I had to be there for her,” said Swaggy P.

He then offered an explanation as to why she was receiving backlash. “Iggy is doing big things and that is what is scaring people. She is going to brush it off. She won’t let it get to her. She is number one — what can you do? She’s at the top right now, so of course they are going to come at you.”

Well, the Aussie rapper is headlining Made In America, leading in MTV’s VMA nominations and has a chart-topping single. Fancy, indeed.

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  • buck

    i must say one thing in todays world for some apparent reason our children are treated slow man google dabrats old music and you will see why nick isaid what she said its only thetruth because you people will let a white person jack a black person whomis still herestyle and callit talent which only makes older folks in the game needed leave it toyou allandtheir willbe all kinds of fake folks stealing from us iggy is a fraud google dabrat how are youlistners lettingfolk disrespect like that oh its thecough syrup or the e pills right

  • buck

    sh i should rapand try and sound like someonebut imblacksowhats going on

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