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It’s pretty easy for an artist to jump genres if they feel like it. Because of auto-tune rappers like Kanye West, 50 Cent, and French Montana, can easily play both singer and spitter, and personally lace their records with harmonies.

Don’t feel bad for the singers though, they can jump lanes too. Because the barriers between genres aren’t as wide as they used to be it’s more acceptable for an artist to crossover.  Every singer in the game didn’t start out on a harmonic note, some dabbled as rappers and worked there way over.

The trend is a not-so-secret fact in the music industry, one that essentially says that where an artist starts doesn’t determine where they end up. Just look at Tyrese, he’s all over the place (no shade).

In the spirit of crossover, and not being put in a box, hit the gallery to see singers  who started out on the rap side of things.

Photo:  YouTube

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