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Certified Fresh: Kid Vishis – Going Pound For Pound


Hip-Hop Wired: You’re releasing your debut album on July 22. This is obviously an album you’ve put a lot into. What does this project mean to you?

Kid Vishis: This is a very important album for me because it’s the beginning of my song-making career. Before it was just verses, you know? I’ve reached a chapter where it’s all about song per song now. So, this is my first full body of work, all original music and it’s my official entrance into the music business.

Hip-Hop Wired: What is the overall concept behind the album and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

Kid Vishis: There’s no solid overall concept. I just wanted to show diversity. I honestly just wanted to have fun making the album. So, I really just rocked out in the studio and did what made me happy at the time. Especially thinking to myself “It doesn’t stop here.” I still have a lot more to do. I might even just put out another album this year.

Hip-Hop Wired: That’s what’s up.

Kid Vishis: Yea man. I’m working super hard. Ever since I caught that zone working on this album, I’ve been staying in that zone and I got enough music right now to put out another album.

Hip-Hop Wired: You have little to no features on it. Why only Royce?

Kid Vishis: Royce was the last song recorded on the album. The album was pretty much done and I was like “We don’t got Royce on the album. That doesn’t make sense.” I’m on all his mixtapes. So he came in, did his thing and then the album was complete.

I was really just going with the flow. I caught a vibe, I caught a moment, 10-11 songs in. There were a lot of people who wanted to be a part of the album, but since it’s my first one and it’s been a minute for me, I just wanted to show my independence.

Hip-Hop Wired: How has your relationship with Royce shaped you? How has it shaped your career?

Kid Vishis: The motivation I get from him, is invaluable. He’s such a hard worker. I’ve never known anybody in this entire world work harder than that guy. He has success, so for him to still have that hunger—who am I to slack off if he’s still going so hard?

Years ago, before he got his first deal, he was living with my father when Royce got this girl pregnant. My father warned him he wasn’t just going to drop off his kid at our house and that he needed to get a job. Royce told my father he was going to New York and he was going to come back with a deal. My father of course was like, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” A month later, we got a phone call from Royce about a million-dollar deal.

Hip-Hop Wired: Did you ever want to become a member of Slaughterhouse?

Kid Vishis: Nah, I think the four-member limit was ideal for Slaughterhouse. They got four super talented MCs. I don’t mind being affiliated with them and putting stuff out with them, but as far as – really anybody – joining that group, is doing too much. But those are my bros and I’m looking forward to doing stuff with them in the future.

Hip-Hop Wired: What is the greatest piece of advice you received from your brother?

Kid Vishis: Just rap. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or what you hear on the radio or what’s popular—just rap. Be your own person, be creative and just rap. That really helped me a lot going into the studio. I didn’t have to worry about how the music needed to sound. It was just going in there and doing what I love to do.

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