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12 Things We Learned In The Kanye West GQ Profile [Photos]


If Kanye West is one thing, the man is fascinatingly quotable. This trait is on full display in an interview in the August 2014 issue of GQ magazine, whose cover he also happens to grace.

Writer Zach Baron caught up with Yeezy just 10 days after his whirlwind marriage to Kim Kardashian. In the wide ranging interview, West talks his celebrity, paparazzi, fashion and a variety topics he always has an interesting opinion on. GQ went extra hard and even got West’s reaction on the specific slander the New York Post hurled his way, the fall out of walking into that street sign and Jay Z’s influence on his bars.

West also dares say that another rapper is more popular than his and talks about, and shares some lines, from a new single called “All Day.”

Check out 12 things we learned about Kanye West in his GQ profile in the following pages.

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/GQ

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  • Rosemary Davis

    No one is going to sit and go thru thirteen things you learned about Kanye that’s why you have only one comment

    • juliejburns

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      on the computer . see post C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    I went through the whole thing. Kanye is coming out with the follow up in
    september, or by the end of the year. Some chick who sat next to Kim at the wedding was really important, like Jay & Mos Def in the studio together important… He still loves Yeezus, he is the reason 50% of the some store sells their shoes. He quoted Step-Brothers saying he ‘…never lost his dinosaur…’ it was a bunch of other stuff but thats all that really caught my eye.You’re welcome.
    Momma Dee

  • joki

    I learned that Kanye West really loves…….Kanye West.

  • tiredofyouall

    what i learned about kanye : he has most definitely flipped the script- as in CRAZY AS HELL !! his brain is a goner and maybe his career , too – genius or not !
    IF kanye was as smart as he claims, he’d shut the hell up; then nobody would know how ridiculously insipid he is…….