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Above The Law: 15 Rappers Who Went To War With Police [Photos]


Members of the Hip-Hop community and law enforcement on any level have always shared a toxic relationship. Given the nature of content of what the music is built upon, it shouldn’t be expected to be any other way.

When rappers glorify their drug usage in rhyme, the DEA is on cue to bust them where they smoke. Guns are more prevalent than use of the word “the” in rap songs and every other day, there is a rapper who finds themselves in a pinch with a weapons charge. Opponents of the Hip-Hop culture would say the artists put themselves in this position while some would argue that they are targets of profiling.

But since rappers are supposed to be alleged criminals or otherwise, militant rebels of society, there have been several instances where they fought back, whether it was right or wrong.

Since Ray J obviously isn’t too Hollywood to strike back at officers who jam him up, we at Hip-Hop Wired are doing some profiling of our own and looking at 15 rappers fighting police, obstructing the justice or getting back at the man.

Some made it out without a scratch, while others, well…just continue on through the gallery to see for yourselves.

Photo: Instagram/Chief Keef

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  • dnoskeam

    Beanie Sigel had gotten into a shootout with the police. Why isn’t he on this list?

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