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McDonald’s Is “Sorry” For Serving Expired Leftover Meat


McDonald’s Corp and Yum Brands Inc (parent company to KFC and Pizza Hut) apologized to their customers on Monday (July 21) after Chinese regulators shutdown a local meat supplier, Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd.

Why was Husi closed, you ask? A recent TV report showed its workers picking up meat from a factory floor and mixing the expired garbage with fresh meat.

Can’t say we’re surprised.

Via Reuters:

“We will not tolerate any violations of government laws and regulations from our suppliers,” said Yum China, which required all of its KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants to seal up and stop using all meat materials supplied by the Husi factory.

The division, Yum’s No. 1 business unit, had just seen its KFC restaurants bounce back from the double whammy of the food safety scare and a bird flu outbreak.

“If proven, the practices outlined in the reports are completely unacceptable to McDonald’s anywhere in the world,” a China-based spokeswoman for McDonald’s told Reuters.

The companies claim they immediately ceased using the Husi supplier, part of an Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group, and switched to alternatives, before mentioning that the factory served restaurants in the Shanghai area as well.

Alternatives? we don’t like the sound of that.

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