18-Month Old Girl Infected With Gonorrhea, Family Acquaintance Possible Suspect


Police in Baltimore are investing how a toddler contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

According to police an 18-month-old girl has contracted gonorrhea and authorities are currently investing into whether a family acquaintance is responsible.

No criminal charges have been filed. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said detectives are focusing on a suspect based on statements from the infant’s parents.

“We are working as fast as we can with the Baltimore Child Abuse Center,” Guglielmi told the Baltimore Sun.

Guglielmi also stated that the child is going to undergo a test to determine if the child was raped and once the test is complete, the results could result in charges being filed.

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  • WhitePeopleAreAnimals

    Burn in hell. That is beyond comprehension. Just off yourself and burn.

  • Roe ski Love

    As a parent the first thing that I would say to the police is to test everyone who had single contact with her for Gonorrhea. If anyone refused to take the test they are guilty and will suffer my rath as a parent. I FREEKIN HATE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!!!!!


    This really hurts my heart.

  • M

    co -sign with all of you^^^^^^^
    I am getting sick and tired of these monsters who keep raping and molesting children . KILL THEM SIMPLE AS THAT …KILL THEM and we will see a drop of child molesters . LYNCH CHILD MOLESTERS

  • justice4all

    The parents should be held accountable also…Who in the hell let anybody around their kids without them knowing it! A baby! But for the snake who did it…Lord help me…Words can’t describe the punishment!

  • Tee-sha

    It makes no sense for someone to do that to a baby what the hell is wrong with people today sick sick sick . God we need you more than anything.

  • leeny

    I think these mothers should think twice before having these babies. If a woman lays down to get and have a child, she should be responsible for this childs every moment. There is too much birth control out here to take, so we don’t have all these babies in the wrong hands. If these women (girls) can’t take care of them, “DON’T HAVE THESE PRECIOUS BABIES” destroying their lives. I never left my kids, only when I went to work, anywhere else I went, my kids were with me. These
    kids have to suffer from someone elses neglagence, including their parents. I trust no man around my grandkids.