Chris Thomas

Nicki Minaj Unveils Thirst Trap Artwork, Twitter Reacts [Photos]



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    Meh…fake a$s on display. Thats it

    • bigshot

      I would slide my 9 inches all in her cakes. She gotta ride good.

  • Bye

    I can’t respect her for this. Not because it’s hoi$h, but because she’s trying to play us… She wants to be black again. She wants black ppl to see this “black” imagery and be like “SEE the real NICKI IS BACK *eyeroll* I’m not falling for her bull. And plus she’s not $secksi…

    • DA-BIG-D

      She ain’t doing nothing but copying off of lil Kim’s album cover. Kim just gave you the front view. Kim was right: this b!sh been jockin’ her steez from da git-go.

      • PolkaDots

        Awwhhh, I didn’t think of little Kim — yup, I gotta agree.

  • nah son

    Her booty and thigh look like, the handle to the toilet…

    • shan


    • Yup_23


  • Real Talk

    Nice fake body

  • ItsLachelle

    Hahahahahahahha she is getting desperate!!!!!
    I always said it from the beginning when she thought she was on top of the world and nobody was ever going to take her down that someone eventually will!!! Hahaha

    • sexyasstruth

      She has been desperate ever since she came out

  • truth

    Lil kim clone…this broad is a JOKE HAHAHAHA DESPERATE BRICK BOOTY SKANK!!! No 9ne care for ur STANK attitude OR music icki kii!!

  • gatsuku2

    Meh, this isnt new for her. She has been doing things like this. Also I dont feel as though she got much to fear from iggy. Iggy is alright but lets be real her rhymes arent all that. Yeah nicki has the gimmick stuff like starships and pills and potions. But that is just being smart. She can still flow. Chi-raq for example.

  • she bad

    She bad and the last thing she is asking is for your respect. She making her money. She ain’t that young. Get it while you can.

  • PolkaDots

    Lost In Space. (Her butt looks like it can s^ck up a penny from the floor)

  • Brittany

    fake butt

  • ItsBiggerThanmyToiletSeat

    I came XD. Lets be honest nobody likes her music we just love her fake ASSets. 😀

  • -G

    Them Jay’s though…

    She has nice smooth skin. I’m a size two, with a little bit or booty, and I even have a couple stretch marks.

  • Jimbo Scout

    That’s disgusting…look at the size of that thing?! Gross…. I regret clicking on this article and there is a chance I may vomit now….

    • Aangᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      you gay as hell

      • Old Sarge

        no actually that’s just gross