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Thirsty Girls Worldwide Angry With #FiftyShadesTrailer [Photos]


The stage has been set for arguably the most erotic novel of all-time and the female fan base of Fifty Shades of Grey couldn’t be more disappointed with the studio’s casting decision.

Focus Films released their steamy trailer for the anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, but as in every reality, everyone’s imagination is unique and some girls didn’t exactly get what they pictured.

Irish actor Jamie Dornan was cast as lead character Christian Grey after the film’s original pick Charlie Hunnam dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

Apparently this decision affected countless female fan’s libido and inner lustful desires and they banded together on Twitter to talk about it.

Well we tallied up some of the most thirstiest outcries on the subject and think you may find it quite hilarious.

Continue on to the gallery below to see them. Click here to watch the trailer and decide if they’re boo-hooing in vain or not.

Photo: YouTube

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  • dom

    Lol I feel u ya’ll ‘s pain, I got cat fished by this chicken I thought was a bad b8tch. Turned out she was just bad. I still let her sick my duck though!

    • Otis Django

      That was probably a tranny

  • Bob

    Cannot believe fools bought poorly wrtten Twilight fan fiction they could have read online for free.

  • Millie

    The actress isn’t really good looking either. They’re both average or below.

  • Adrienne

    That is not Christian Grey!! Ana either! Not liking the cast at all.

    • MansheFly

      My sentiments exactly!!! Not thrilled, nothing about him screams “Christian Grey” I’m disappointed!

    • Jada4610

      I wanted Ryan gosling for Christian and Emma Roberts for Ana

  • Ms. G

    Stoppp. Jax woulda killed it… W his fine @ss

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    They picked the most boring looking white guy ever, ROFL.

  • dj

    Why are these girls hung up I’m Marty boehner he likes the same thing that chicks like eould work jax would have killed it

  • Otis Django

    Or you could go to pornhub

  • MansheFly

    He’s soooooooooooooooo not the Christian Grey I visualized!!! I’m not sure I want to watch it now *Shrugs*

  • Myss Persnickety

    The dryest, average cast ever! So disappointed, will not be seeing this movie.