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Bangin Candy: Shapely Stallion Kiara Redd [Photos]


It’s Thursday, or Friday’s Eve to some, so here’s a little Bangin Candy action to make your days pass quicker. Following last week’s feature on Jasmin Cadavid, Hip-Hop Wired returns with the luscious Kiara Redd.

The model is a traveling woman that can be found everywhere from California’s Bay Area to Houston to Miami. Ask anyone who’s seen Redd during her trips, and they’ll confirm that she’s an absolute stallion. We first came across her Instagram page, which is full of all sorts of thirst traps that men willingly fall into.

For Redd, social media is more than a place for the fellas to salivate over her photos. She also sells clothing from her personal wardrobe second hand to fellow shapely women.

Hit the jump to see pics the tantalizing Kiara Redd. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Dynasty Series, Instagram

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  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Yet anoootthhhhherrrrrr heauuuuuxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • dom

    Booorrring…at least she ain’t covered in tats though



  • DRUNK247

    Are you telling me there aren’t any women out there with real b utts?

  • bigdawgman

    HHW, are y’all gettin’ some from these women??
    All the women out there and this is the best y’all can do?? smdh

  • Lwazi Ankh

    why we still calling women male horses in 2014?