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Christians Of All Races Campaign For Black Jesus Boycott [Photos]


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  • Lawrence Smith

    The boycott makes 0 sense. The people that watch adult swim aren’t the christians that plan on boycotting. LOL! this is just an attempt to get seen.

    • smile for now cry later

      i agree anyone over the age of 12 watching the cartoon network is useless anyway

      • Lawrence Smith

        You think “The Boondocks” was made for 12 year olds?

    • Dee Hines

      I disagree with you. Half of my friends, as well as myself are Christians that enjoy things on adult swim. But from the clips this isn’t even funny and has no entrainment value. It’s just offensive just for the sake of being controversial.

  • Otis Django

    Negroid Buffoonery. Aaron M should stick to cartoons.

    A real man would not insult any religion or prophet of God.

    • oneninenine

      Black Christians are retarded and deserve to be mocked. Name one thing Jesus done for your dumbass? Answer? Nothing.

      • 412 Audio

        Jesus did make a mistake for telling GOD to give you life because you shouldnt have never been produced.

      • SMH

        Jesus as you know him was made up by the Catholic church almost 400 years after he passed. He’s dead and not telling anybody sh!t. Arent you a little old to still be believing in fairy tales?

      • -14ME

        it’s a historical fact that Jesus did live, was crucified, and had a huge impact on people while on earth. Multiple famous historians Christian and non Christian including antagonist documented it

      • OutstandingWorldCitizen

        Prove it. And even if he did exist you fools believe he rose again. The mythology lives on. Oh, and by the way all religion is myth. Stop grasping on to man-made BS and think for yourself.

      • -14ME

        insulting me by saying I don’t think for myself probably isn’t a good way to try to convert me, not that you have a chance anyway,

      • Omega8

        No, there is no historical or archeological evidence of Jesus’ existence. Just the bible.

    • tracy smith

      Insulting a false religion don’t count as an insult.

  • BliggityBlack

    Can’t wait!!!

  • whatsup

    I will not be watching. I am someone that loves family guy and other shows that are shown on this network but I just can’t. The blasphemy is too much and I was a little offended.

    • Trendsetter

      Do you realize how backwards that sounds? Family Guy is one of THE most offensive shows. They make fun of Christianity ALL the time. Its why I rarely watch it.

      • whatsup

        I just turn the chanell when they talk about religion.

    • Deeray

      Seth MacFarlane the creator and writer of family guy is an atheist so you’re supporting someone who doesnt even believe in religion. Aaron will have a good moral within the show.

  • God is Black

    Where was everyone when a white man played Jesus in the passion of Christ movie…or when they make fun of Jesus on family guy….O…I know why…because its white people doing it….
    The universal creator is black… So is his son. Facts!!!

    • olu Marley

      Well, that makes sense. If ALL life began in Africa, and God made us in his image, that image is that of a BLACK PERSON. That’s why Whites have a problem with that. Subconsciously, they know we are closer to God than they are. They are an afterthought and that’s why they’ve tried to do everything to destroy the Black African race and they still couldn’t. From enslavement of Africans to Apartheid, torture, rape, theft of our continent and people, they even dispensed HIV into the Black community in South Africa to kill us off. They performed medical experiments on us, passed syphilis to our Black men, destroyed the Black family and every evil atrocities they inflicted on us, but we still STAND!

    • Ashley Johnson

      Your username says it, so it must be true!

    • Kris50

      Facts? Lol what? God has a skin color? So if he has black skin then he’s nothing more than a human being like us right?

  • tracy smith

    Well since Christianity is a false religion anyway so, WHO GIVES A F*CK WHAT THEY SAY!!!!

  • Jason

    He gave up the boondocks for this BS!

  • jerrylarry

    I’m watching it and I will b at church sunday I love our father God and his son our Lord Jesus Christ….

  • David Jones

    I bet we won’t see a show about White Jesus that greatly play into White stereotypes ie smoking meth, mass shootings of little kids, pedophile and incest.

    • Guest

      I would defecate on your face in front of your parents. Your faqqot father would fall in love. Put a gun in your mouth.

  • KMichael Kkev Malay

    ”free Black Jesus” i cant wait for that show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darren Myt Collins

    I dont’ know if this means anything. But to put it in the proper context, The character in this show is not susposed to really be Jesus. He is a crazy dude in the hood THAT THINKS HE IS JESUS. Thats the joke of it. Don’t know if thats less offensive, but there have been plenty of wackos that have thought they were jesus christ. Its a parody of that.

    • Geoffrey Wang

      You’re a houseboy.

    • Geoffrey Wang

      Your music is terrible. It sounds gayer than you and your boyfriends in the throes of your gayness.

  • nelly

    Lol the c*** train is coming… Smh the c**** came out and spoke against the show. If this jesus was white they wouldnt be saying anything.

    • Geoffrey Wang

      I would wipe my buttocks with your hat.

  • mayleren

    Jesus is not a joke and.he wasnt white. the.Bible says his feet looked like brass so whoever has been promoting a white Jesus is lying.

    • Ashley Johnson

      Most of the middle east was white 3,000 years ago. If Jesus does exist he is definitely white. There’s also been multiple stories from people who claimed to have seen Jesus in visions, they all described him as “A tall beautiful man with light blue eyes and ash blond hair”.

  • ThaRealTruth

    Ooweee i have no opion of this. It looked hella bunk anyway like is this the best idea for a how you can think of? Wont be getting my view lol

  • No “Christians” boycotting gay marriages which is against their religion LMAO

  • Ashley Johnson

    So does Black Jesus have aids, drink grape soda, drive a cadillac, speak in ebonics, and commit violent crime? This Jesus is supposed to be black so his portrayal has to be realistic.

    • Robert

      What kind of black people you know?

      • Ashley Johnson

        I was joking about most of it, except the aids and crime part. That stuff is mostly true and statistics prove it.

  • AUfan

    I’ll be watching. If Christians don’t want their beliefs to be mocked, maybe the shouldn’t have such stupid beliefs!


    they constantly portray African Egyptians as white Europeans.. they need to leave black jesus alone..he has an audience .. thats why this is being discussed in the first place

  • thinkaboutit75

    Well folks need to be boycotting South Park..Jesus has been a character on their for years..boxing and everything.

  • Madgineer

    You people are ridiculous. Its a television show. A racist anti-christian television but a show nonetheless. You shouldnt care, if youre a christian, its not about you. If you’re black its not about you. If youre an idiot, well theyre making fun of you.