Trent Clark

DVD-Quality The Expendables 3 Leaks 3 Weeks Early, Pirates Rejoice [Photos]


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  • mon88

    post the link i heard its good.

  • creative77

    Don’t you realize that this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s/Hollywood’s back? NOW the studios are mad as hell – expect them to go after the folks who did this with a vengeance and make an example of them. Whoever did this is going to do jail time. Years. Beyond that, Hollywood isn’t going to let it go; count on the studios going to Congress again – and the massive downloading with give them the ammunition to get new stringent laws passed. The downloads on this ain’t going to be worth it, guys!

    • Crayon Scribe

      Wow! If you’re right, then it’ll be almost as disturbing as people who post opinion as fact! This has the potential of being one of the biggest landmark changes in the movie industry. Which, hopefully, will be enough to distract me from my loss of faith in the stability of the English language after reading your comment.

  • devotee

    Yea I saw it today… was good…