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Not Just Nicki: 10 Provocative Covers In Female Rap [Photos]


Female rappers have to try twice as hard to get half as far as the boys, but if they strip down to nothing, that’ll give them an extra nudge. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s good to have variety.

Nonetheless, Nicki Minaj posted a series of Twitter response vaguely blaming the hate from her “Anaconda”   artwork on racism, and the voluptuousness of her cheeks. Yawn. There’s no need to play victim here, she has to own that thong pose, and keep a copy for her grandchildren.

Spreading eagle on her cover is now part of the archives, of “provocative” artwork from female rappers, and for good reason. If nothing else, Minaj proved that she runs the Internet, and maybe added another section to the blueprint she’s putting together for her female rap successors.

Because she wouldn’t be here were it not for the rappers that came before her, Hip-Hop Wired put together a gallery of women who paved the way for YMCMB’s reigning queen to step outside the box.

Check out a timeline of female rap album covers in the gallery.

Photo: Nicki Minaj

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  • Marquis de Sade


    • HWA would actually be a great example of a provocative cover. Don’t remember if it was their album cover or not, but I had two posters of them in thongs, back facing camera, 2 girls holding the blonde chicks aśs cheeks. 1 was with the chick with the long curly hair, the other was with her stand in-replacement who I believe was the sister of, probably twin of the chick with the short hair cut in the group. So yeah. Both posters were autographed by the ladies…My father worked audio /sound on that Eazy E video only if you want it. They were there for the wet Tshirt scene…Not relevant, but hey I’m bored,,,And was really let down by this article. I should have known it was BS when they started it with Monie’s cover

      • Marquis de Sade

        Yep, that was the cover!

  • Mena718

    So you, hip hop weirdos , are comparing the pictures of the other female rappers in saying that they are provocative just like Nicki’s? Idiots, I don’t see any of them with their assss cheeks hanging out. Then for you to say there’s nothing wrong with it???? Smfh trash. There’s a lot wrong with it. so sad that you don’t see it.

  • Sk8board – C

    Khia cover was the worst Lmao! Dirtybird#

    • ♚A. R.♚(⚔ Adéwalé ⚔ )

      I was just about to say that!

  • smackyobitchass

    Lol this chick paid a gossip site to clear her image…? Lol she’s going down hill and fast…

    • ThaRealTruth

      Goodbye! What proof you have that Nicki een know about this site. Sit down in your corner young man

  • smackyobitchass

    Nicki I do love u but cmon now what are you doing?

  • Mia C

    Missy Elliott??? Monie Love? These ladies were all covered up. They let the work speak for itself. You lost all credibility including them. Missy is a genius who used her brain to make it. What’s wrong with you losers.

    I hope you get no clicks for this.

  • Regina Blount

    That’s the problem these images portray women in a negative light I remember the Lil Kim cover back in the day this needs to STOP because the men don’t have to do this it’s always the females degrading themselves especially the music industry Use the talent to sell music

    • Kimberly Sparkle

      Don’t forget Trina

  • minaj is a b***h so is azelia. but if i had to choose between the 2 id choose minaj only b/c she is american. but im not sure if she is american. i think she bragged about being from some islands or such in which case i cant stand either one of those hos