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Nicki Minaj Responds To “Anaconda” Criticism By Posting More Booty [Photos]


Nicki Minaj’s new single “Anaconda” has already become a worldwide phenomenon and it hasn’t even been released yet.

The track has already reached the #1 spot on iTunes due to its pre-orders, and all the credit is given to its must-see artwork, which depicts Nicki squatting and displaying her “assets” in full glory.

Nicki is hardly the first female rap act to promote her music with a racy photo but seeing that she currently resides at the top of Hip-Hop food chain, the criticisms tend to come in heavy.

To prove her point, she gathered up images from the last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover, which featured models Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton and Nina Agdal in equally provocative but more socially accepted poses.

“Angelic. Acceptable. Lol,” The Pink Print author said in one of the captions. “Unacceptable,” she said when referring to her own artwork.

Some of Nicki’s most passionate fans took that has a cue to attack John Legend’s wife, who was blindsided by the disses.

“I just landed, and I have Nicki Minaj fans going absolutely batsh*t on me,” Teigen wrote on Twitter. “No idea why … Landed, saw she posted our cover, called our asses acceptable. Which I took as a compliment, as I know I have no ass,” she continued.

Shade or no shade, it just gave everybody a reason to dive back into the thirst trap resort. Take a look at the pictures Nicki used to respond to the double standard in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram/Nicki Minaj

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  • StayOnYourAzzz

    But their a s s es are REAL, and hers Is NOT REAL and it’s obvious that it’s fake and that’s what people were going in on her about(with those skinny thighs but a huge butt, it looks weird). This chick is delusional(and evidently stupid too).

    • me

      It looks sooooooo fake! How do men like that? !

      • StayOnYourAzzz

        It wouldn’t look so ridiculous if she either gained more thigh muscle or used less a s s enhancement. :/



    • ibramblebush

      Damb, bish’s be hatin hard on Nikki! My D don’t care about nothing what yall be saying. I keep tellin him the “bishes be hatin, they say @zz is fake.” He don’t care though, he just want be wrapped in those big, warm, round cakes of hers and he don’t care what some hatin’ @zz bish got say abour it.

      • StayOnYourAzzz

        Are you re-tarded? Because you comment like you need a helmet.

  • YourRoyalFlyness

    She’s only playing into the stereotypes that were facilitated centuries ago by male oppressors.

  • Nessa Fox

    Anything to stay relevant and sell..

    • tarrilove

      Exactly, media grab from Iggy. Lil Kim somewhere busting a gut.

  • kaystar

    Really nothing to fuss about – All of you are disgusting! One day your kids are going to ask you why you used to act like such a —–! Oh yeah, kids are talking like that now to their parents. What will you have to say then?

  • Angry Man

    Still trying to justify acting like a ho huh?

  • Afroch1c

    Either she’s working hard to promote her album or she’s letting that fake rapper -white bytch and her five minutes of fame get to her…chill, Nikki, Iggy won’t last another year…by end of 2014…she’ll be the failing Vanilla Ice rapper of this generation…just Chill, and wait for it…

    • tarrilove

      You right about one thing Iggy is getting under her skin. But she’s not going to fall off. Sorry she’s their female Eminem. They need a good white rapper to stay on the charts. Eminem is still good but he’s older and probably going to chill in a couple of years.

  • Deedsdoes

    Why is she promoting like this? Like…girl this isn’t cute!

  • Guest

    Dear Nikki have talent and have so much more to offer than your behind but the more you focus on your behind the less people see your talent ..PLEASE STOP

  • Mia C

    I gotta say I’m over her. Buying a butt is just weird. If a man sewed in some plastic bubbles into his arms and legs and called them “muscles” I’d laugh and throw up. And that’s all we have here, sewn in plastic bubbles dropped down, spread eagled all whorry looking.

    I mean, if she expects me to listen to her after seeing this Bozo the Clown Hore act, she’s got another thing coming.

    • Bombshell

      Heheheheh best comment!

    • Artisha Willingham

      @mia_c:disqus lmaoo so true

  • Erika Parker

    She is making desperate attempts to stay relevant and finally get a #1 hit. Something else besides her rear is showing…… is her thirst.

  • dom

    Nicki’s booty brings so much joy to the world. Stop the hate!

    • Bombshell

      Hahahah funny!

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    I live in the south where big a s s e s are common and usually if the booty big so are the thighs

  • Patrice Slater-Lee

    My thing is this, I thought this thing was about the music. she has yet to come up with a solid hit, and you would think that she would want to push the track, if it is all that to the forefront but instead it is her formulated butt cheeks on display, will this make the track any better or is it a distraction as to how bad her album is going to be, yeesh, what she gonna do? Yonce came back hard when her track releases flopped, she went back in the studio and gave us a solid video album, never done. sorry Nicki, you can show all the cheeks you want, it will not change your lack of being a hit maker, you use to be, what happened?

  • bunyanstomper

    Despite the fact that her butt is outrageously big…she has a valid point. These swimsuit models where strings with the legs spread out and not a peep from you all.

  • rocis

    Bootie sell that’s wat her fans love about her

  • you all keep calling Nicki a s s fake. we all know that, but alot of men especially black men dont really care. They still will continue to want her and follow her on IG and Twitter. Dont see the big fuss about this. Nicki should of just kept quiet and said nothing about her cover. Because now people are REALLY going to analyze you.

  • Marc Riley

    I wish this train would come to and end!!!!

  • LadyLee

    …and still CLASSLESS.

  • bigjimmy

    report filed your pics violate google adsense policy I turned in the report

  • bigjimmy

    filing another report on this page

  • Blank Her Right in the Blanky

    That soggy turkey butt white chick looks especially unappetizing after seein all that voluptuous nicki cake, and I’m not even a fan of minaj.

  • Kelly Chase

    She’s fugly, always has been.