Trent Clark

Thousands Of Argentina World Cup Fans Refuse To Leave Brazil [Photos]



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    I feel sorry for them. Similar (but not the exact same) happened in Atlanta, once they got their Olympic bid in the early 90’s. Hundreds of thousands of Undocumented Workers started “relocating” to Georgia in order to cash in on the construction boom and make some money. Once the Olympics were over, they never left (and many had their family and friends to move there). Like I stated above, not the same thing, but people will go where there is opportunity. I’ve been told privately what happened in Atlanta/Georgia is why most cities don’t bid on the Olympics. You would think they would have learned their lesson, but the same thing happened after Katrina (now with our people replacing the undocumented workers), now the crime rate (not just Atlanta, but all across GA) has jumped to ridiculous numbers. Ask any GA Police Officer and they will tell you most people that came here are hard working-law abiding people (in the Olympics and Katrina)..and they don’t mess with them. It’s their kids that are the problem.

  • Luke Arthur

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