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Call Tyrone: 10 Times Erykah Badu Had No Worries [Photos]


Erykah Badu just doesn’t give a flying f-ck. She makes music from her soul, and she doesn’t care what you think. She doesn’t follow the norm, and she doesn’t care what you think. She’s a Vine-star in the making, and she doesn’t care what you think.

Oddly enough, even though Badu doesn’t march to the beat of any drum but her own, a whole helluva lot of people think she’s pretty great. She’s a mother, Grammy winner, and a rapper’s Kryptonite.

Badu has five albums in her repertoire, collaborations up the ying-yang, the respect of her musical peers, and a staunch “I give no f*cks” attitude about the music business. It’s not that she doesn’t necessarily care about her fans, she’s just unbothered by the confines that some artists are forced to fit within.

She can’t be put in a box, and she follows her own bliss.

Check out  examples of “10 Times Erykah Badu Gave No F*cks” in the gallery below.

Photo: Instagram

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  • southanswagg

    Erykah stay high

  • GUCCIGAL1000

    Love her and her silicone free booty

  • Steve Stone

    All those pictures of Badu, and only like one or two of that out of this world donk. Come on y’all.

    • 7body

      I would love to have a butt nekked legs intertwined conversation with her. Her a$$ is ridiculous but I wanna see what turned Common and Andre out so bad and I bet it wasnt c00chie. At least I’m hoping it wasn’t just p8ssy that had them mesmerized like that. Really I cant even imagine her doing it. I have the feeling it was all personality.

      • Steve Stone

        You think it could be both? The p8ssy and the personality? Something got both of those boys nose wide open

      • 7body

        Probably some of both lol. Its something though! I have never been turned out. I’m curious as heII.

  • hidaya

    No man has ever married Badu. She must not be all that after all…