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Teyana Taylor Becomes Meme Mascot After Epic Crossover [Photos]


Teyana Taylor may be a beast when it comes to fashion and a sizeable talent in the music industry, but her athletic skills have been seriously called into question.

This revelation came courtesy of the incredibly hilarious footage of Ms. Taylor getting crossed out of her soul during the Jordan XX9 First To Fly event in Las Vegas this past weekend. The G.O.O.D. Music singer was a good sport during a defensive exhibition and got a little too confident that she could stick with her man.

What was the right direction became the wrong way when she was hit with a flashy crossover that made her exit stage left. It definitely was not the publicity Jordan Brand asked for.

Of course, no clip of celebrity bloopers can go without a serious round of memes and Double T felt the full power of online ridicule. Trav NEVER Chills took it upon himself to lead the charge and actually add them to her mentions, which were also in shambles from Twitter users laughing at her.

M.J. Taylor decided to ignore the slander and focus more on her upcoming tour with August Alsina but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she knows what’s going on.

Check out the hilarious collection of memes in the gallery below.

Photo: Twitter/Trav NEVER Chills

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  • Kanyes Neck is Sad

    Lol, but that one guy is creeping

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    straight CLOWNING!

  • C J Jordan

    S/O to Teyana Taylor’s body. That body is a perfect 10 but that face is a 6.

    • Free etch

      This is what’s wrong with black men when it comes to black women’s beauty. Y’all REFUSE to let is be women. It’s just “body”… No look at her big eyes, big nose, and big lips and understand that she is beautiful PERIOD. Stop being a racist. Stop oppressing/dehumanizing black women. We are effing PEOPLE

      • C J Jordan

        What the hell is wrong with u? Please don’t come at me with this bulls–t again. I wasn’t gonna respond but I couldn’t help myself. Stop taking the comments u read so serious. That’s my comment and my opinion it’s not a fact. Don’t preach that garbage to me anymore.

      • C J Jordan

        Get the f–k outta here with that bulls–t. I love my sistas. No one is exempt from an opinion including me so kiss my a$$

      • C J Jordan

        U are not deep btw. F–k u.

      • joki

        Real talk tho, it’s not because she has big eyes, big lips and a big nose. There’s chicks that have all three and are fine as f%^k. Teyana, however, is not one of those chicks.

      • C J Jordan

        That body more than makes up for that face. She can still get it. Lol

      • joki

        Real talk tho, it’s not because she has big eyes, big lips and a big nose and brown skin. There’s chicks that have all four and are fine as f%^k. Teyana, however, is not one of those chicks.