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9 People We Suspect To Be The NY Post’s Jay Z Beyonce “Source” [Photos]


In the last couple of weeks The New York Post has run several articles saying that Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage is on thin ice. The periodical claims they have an inside source that is close to their personal affairs.

From rumors of an upcoming divorce to hints of what really caused the infamous rumble in the elevator, The Post is standing tall on their reporting. But everyone wants to know who’s spilling the tea on the Carters?

With “On The Run being one of the most profitable tours in recent history—and Bey Z banking a cool $4M per show—we find it very odd that their bond is in question. But stranger things have happened.

So we present 8 people we suspect to be the New York Post‘s Jay Z Beyonce source. Do you think we are on to something with our Dame Dash theory? Let us know your thoughts below.

Photo: Instagram

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  • C J Jordan

    My theory is that bawsip just makes these stories up on jay and bey. Y’all catfishing us lol

    • DeeDee Denise

      Read the NYPost, they’ve had two stories about it. The NYPost is not a “fly-by-night” tabloid either…

      • Chuck Deez Nuts

        NyPost or not they still have to sell papers. When you on top everyone comes for you..

      • DeeDee Denise

        Yes, that’s true but be objective. It could be true. I believe it because those types of relationships never work out. Someone has to stop hogging the spotlight and “really” work on their relationship. Plus it’s all for show…They probably don’t even sleep together. It’s a business for image, nothing more! IMHO

      • BionicBey

        Not sleeping together? Business arrangement? So… is the contract up and these sources… you believe… don’t know THAT part??? You might want to hit NY Post up and tell them they’re using the wrong telenovela story lines. White bishes and affairs OR business contracts. Pick ONE and stick to it lol!

      • DeeDee Denise

        …Beyonce left school when she was 14 years old, she left one man (her father) and went to another (Jay Z)…she still has a lot of growing to do. The relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z is not going to provide that for her. It’s not a “do or die” relationship. It will be over before you know it. And it’s not about “wanting to see people fail” either, it’s just not the right venue for her as a person to grow, plus Jay Z will be off to other things. He’s in it for the moment as long as the arrangement garners attention and some type of profit.

  • homiedontplaydat

    my thing is this pic of dame on this story was about him not having any beef on jay-z at all its all about dame vs leor cohen

    • Brooklyn Gordon

      Yessssssss Dame believes Lior Cohen got in jayz ear and that started the split.

  • tiredofyouall

    since “unidentified sources” covers their azzes, they have carte blanche to make up
    isht as they go along ; nothing has to be verified – which is a damned shame !!
    I look at it like this: if you can say it once, you can say it again !! be GROWN, stop
    being a coward and put your face where your mouth is !!

  • Chuck Deez Nuts

    There is no source, just the wishes of a famous couples downfall! All this drama does is make their pockets fatter. 100% fact

    • Suprise-1

      I don’t think anyone wants to see a couples downfall. However, people get divorced everyday, it’s life and they are human. It would be great to see them stay together but if your unhappy move on. Id rather be alone then be unhappy!

  • Brooklyn Gordon

    I think it’s Jayz and Beyonce their’s your source

  • Suprise-1

    I don’t understand why everyone seems to think that this is not true, just because it’s Bey and Jay doesn’t mean they are living happily ever after geesh. People break-up and get divorced everyday. What makes these two any different?