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7 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Keyshia Cole Interview [Photos]

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

1. Let’s Be Honest

Even though her new song can be interpreted as a coming out song, Keyshia says she is not a lesbian.

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  • joki

    The chick in #5 is throwing hella shade. But anyhoooo…..IMO Keyshia is a bird in every aspect.

  • cutlerbay1

    Keyshia has some deeper issues that has nothing to do with her husband. She clearly needs some help. A relationship involves at least two people. How is it ALL ON HIM and she wasn’t a party to anything?

    • bigdawgman

      He cheated 3x… how is that her fault? Well, except she should have dumped him after the first time….

  • C J Jordan

    I always had a major crush on her. Lol

    • bigdawgman

      She’s fine, but did she look a little baked in that interview? And I think she has too many issues. Look, but don’t touch….