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Never Shoulda Did That: 10 More Things Ray J Should Regret [Photos]


Ray J has a lot more to be regretful for than that sex tape with Kim Kardashian. He’s been acting a mess for years now, Kim K was just the tip of the iceberg.

Since “Brandy’s Brother” stepped out of her shadow and into his own spotlight, Willie Norwood Jr., hasn’t stopped keeping us entertained. Depending on what he’s promoting, you’ll see his face splattered across TMZ more often than usual. To that end, Ray is a master marketer. He knows how to get people’s attention.

To give a little perspective, Ray J’s first album — Everything You Want — came out in 1997. That was almost 20 years ago. This dude has been at this for a while.

Along the way he’s made a lot of weird moves. There’s no telling if his career would be the same without the controversial stuff, take a look back at “10 Other Things Ray J Should Regret” in the gallery.

Photo: Instagram

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  • joki

    Is that lauren london in #4?

  • Matt L Parks

    Ray J’s biggest regret is allegedly grabbing that girl’s b–b. The charge will put him on the sx offender registry if convicted. That’s sort of like the herpes of the criminal justice system.

    • Blank Her Right in the Blanky

      If he gets put on the registry for that then the registry is a joke. The whole “sexual assault” category is a joke, it is meant to equate grabbing a booty with actually raping someone, and that is just plain nonsense. That’s why when you hear those “statistics” on college campus “sexual assault” you should know they are fake and fluffed up by piddly stuff like a butt slap, and not real, punched in the face and dragged the wood, actual forcible rape. It’s the anti-male, feminist weakling bent that society has taken on which has allowed this.

  • Blank Her Right in the Blanky

    I got that Kim tape somewhere on one of my drives, might have to find it and squeeze one out to it.