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9 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Onyx Interview [Photos]


The impact that Onyx had on Rap music in the 90’s can’t be denied. They stopped by The Breakfast Club for a very intense morning show appearance.

Fredro Starr and Sticky stayed true to their signature all black motif with a take no shorts attitude to match. Of course this approach doesn’t always gel with everyone and that was the result today.

When Charlamagne Tha God asked Fredro about a certain R&B songstress things went left and some on air craziness ensued. DJ Envy and Angela Yee tried to keep the peace but it was too late that at that point.

So we present the 9 things we learned from The Breakfast Club Onyx interview. Is this the wildest radio interview you ever heard? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo: Power 105 / Youtube

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  • kysauntie

    Charlapain got what he deserved, he always trying to play somebody. Fredro was ready to eat his @$$ up.

    • Sleepy One

      He wasn’t gone do nothing…Fredro has that little man syndrome.

    • But he was just repeating and asking a question regarding something Fredo said HIMSELF lol He could’ve handled that way better he made himself look like a damn fool

  • Guest

    His mouth will be the end of his career – he talk ish to MrWest a Icon on rap game because MrWest won’t slap him- but whn he flaps his gums to those who don’t give a F- he shuts up! Love It- I can’t wait until tht day he gets punched in the studio on air

  • shawn Mc

    yea its was tough to watch, sticky was high as hell and fredro was just ready for anything. i dont think they listen to the show .
    you could see they dont do interviews like that ever, they just wanted to talk about what they wanted to talk about.
    i know he dont act like that when he goes for acting gigs. they should never interview

  • T. Reed

    Fredo was in his feeling and acted like a fool (especially being as old as he is…ain’t he like 40 something)…Charlamagne held his own….and I love how he asked “Do you still need to do 5 minutes?”…lol that’s right Charlamange let Fredo you know that you think he’s a joke.

  • KeKe

    I think he lied about the brandy situation…

    • Sleepy One

      Why because y’all don’t want to believe that Brandy has ever done anything wrong in her life huh?

      • KeKe

        I dont care what wrong she’s done in her life…

    • I believe..

      I don’t.. if he wanted to lie, he would’ve just said they had $ex.. why lie about an intimate act?

  • JayJ

    Fredo is such a grumpy old man! lol

  • Guest

    I watched it again and they would’ve jumped him in that studio- fredyo and sticky — Cthagod held his own- but then sticky started talking crazy w nucxa this and nucxa that abt paying his taxes-one day one day – Cthagod is going ro go to far- I think we are all waiting for it- and whn it happens — it’s going to be GREAT radio because he will get BEAT down- paid eventually because he will sue- but tht Beat Down will be worth it!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Idk about the breakfast club anymore. They nvr stick up for each other until it’s too late. Until everything is dying down .. That’s when the others jump in. Envy & Angela shuda been jumped in and protected their brother.
    Fredro said it himself. So why get mad when cthagod asks?!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    3-1 & you’re going to fight ? Sike. Idk why ny nvggas be thinking they god

  • eli wol

    4 things I’ve learned..

    1) onyx is weak as hell for being 45 and acting like they 16.

    2) charlamange dont scare easy.. And would likely whip fredo.

    3) I should not waste my time reading or watching the idiot group again

    4) the tmz video of sticky fingers punching the cowboy. The cowboy is a dive fighter.. He takes dives in amateur boxing matches.. So it was a publicity stunt.