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Update: Remy Ma Is Released From Prison


Remy Ma has not been released from prison. It’s been confirmed that she will remain behind bars due to a disciplinary incident days prior.

Via Revolt:

The Bronx rapper and friends pushed today’s date as her release from prison after 6 years but she will still remain behind bars.

An official at Bedford Hills Correctional facility informed REVOLT that Remy Ma was invovled in a disciplinary problem on July 21.

After doing six and half years of her eight-year sentence in prison on charges of assault, Remy Ma, born Reminisce Smith, walks a free woman today.

Coupled with a photo of the Bronx rapper taken at the Bedford Hills Corrections Facility, her team took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 30) with a message celebrating her release, which presumably already happened this morning.

“1 Day and a wake up Left. #TeamRemyMa #TheRulersBack #RemysHome #RemyMa @TeamRemyMa,” read the caption.

Remy Ma, ten days prior to being released, called up Angie Martinez on her Power 105.1 show.  The two spoke for nearly 15 minutes on her marriage to Papoose and current state of mind. “I am so alive. I cannot wait,” she said, before describing she what she has in store musically as “unfair.”

Let’s hope Remy can shake things ups. Welcome back.

Photo: Instagram

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  • jihad livingston

    Her being released is good but her arrogance led to doing u necessary time. She knew she was guilty, why not take the plea deal . Through her arrogance and stupidity her son went through 6 years of his life without mom, sad I hope she makes a full comeback NYC’s hip hop scene is asz



    • Patrice Slater-Lee

      maybe she wanted to do anaconda with remy and waited until she was released to do the remix, lol.

      remy, stay out of trouble now.

      • ANNOYED


    • MorganFreemanCousin

      What mainstream success did Remy have before being locked up? Her biggest song was a feature on Lean Back. She was on that Curren$y and Lil Wayne song “Where The Cash At”. She had a single with Swizz that flopped and another song that flopped. She even got mad at Fat Joe and blamed him because her album flopped. I’m not even a fan of Nicki’s music, but she has nothing to worry about.

      • Osclusive

        U seem to know a lot, must be a fan

      • MorganFreemanCousin

        I wouldn’t say that because I never purchased anything from the chick. I do know she can spit but as far as being commercially successful well…

      • Osclusive

        I hear you, commercial success isn’t for everybody. Not everyone wants that watered down stuff. Some people would rather remain true to their art form, and that’s what I hope she does.

      • MorganFreemanCousin

        You can stay true to your art form and be commercial. Some people just have that charisma to do it.

      • Otis Django

        So says ya’ll broke nicgas still living with your mom and pops

      • MorganFreemanCousin

        Speak for yourself kid smh

  • anaconda

    We need sum more female rappers,,,evryone act scared ,,,,come on ladies lets do it…

  • RedSatchel

    Glad she’s being released and hopefully them 6 years taught her something

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    “REMY MA”!!!!!! #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  • C J Jordan

    I can’t wait to hear what she gonna put out there. I want her to come for nicki’s head.

    • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

      Nikki trying to do a song with her already.

      • C J Jordan

        Oh ok

      • Otis Django

        You think a multimillionaire is gonna battle with some chick just outta the pen?

  • smarty

    y’all keep saying bye Nicki but her and Nicki is cool. she said it herself.

  • Actually it sounds like she will be released tomorrow morning if she had a day and a wake-up left yesterday.

  • truth


  • nene

    who cares…….

  • mizz new money 2u

    Women leaRn to communicate…now say it with me.

  • DRUNK247

    Not really looking forward to her music

  • Dayia

    I look to good to be in this jumpsuit and i look to good to be servimg lunch.

  • evolvedIN2madness

    Welcome back!!! Been waiting since that last album…that whole cd had bangers!


      No lie

  • Get Some Sense

    I don’t understand why people keep saying because Remy is out that Nicki can’t be around too…it can only be one female rapper at a time or something??? At the end of the day Nicki is mainstream, they have marketed her as both a rapper and a pop artist, she appeals to all types of crowds and therefore her music sells well, she is able to get endorsements, etc….Remy never had that type of mainstream success and I doubt she will now, sad but true. Also I don’t feel bad for her, she wanted to be out here actin like she ain’t have no sense over that little bit of money instead of worrying about what should have been most important….her kids!!! And whoever her team is is all well and good but look how much money and what type of marketing team Nicki has backing her, no comparison there….but at the end of the day as I stated in the beginning why can’t they both eat, people love to make somethin out of nothing….

  • inomyshyte

    I love this chick……welcome home

  • ChiCityGirl1

    A disciplinary problem on July 21????? They need to release this woman to her husband and son for goodness sake! I was never a big fan but I wish her and Papoose the best!

  • Hiphoponline

    There can be more than 1 female rapper. We have 10 clones for every popular male rapper. These fans r not going to take to Remy like many of u old heads think. There’s been 2/3 generations of young fans (high school age) enter the market since she’s been locked up n she wasn’t exactly on top b4 she got locked up. Plus she’s always been too rough looking n acting to appeal to a large audience.

  • 82mrsjones .

    Ok, I am getting tired of people saying bye Nicki. Damn can there be more than one female killin the game. HOWEVER, with that said, Remi wasn’t killin the scene before she went in, what makes you all so sure she will do her thing now?? I know her in one song. She was only main stream in New York. Nicki main stream, WORLD WIDE! If any rap chick wants to catch up to that, they have a lot of work


      Missy did it, and remy had a buzz but was mostly known for mixtapes…her album was dope tho

  • Otis Django

    Yeah, Remy was REALLY HARD when she was screaming and crying in the court room when that judge hit her with a serious bid. Don’t be stabbin nicgas and buckwildin if you ain’t about that life and you can’t do the time.