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Tiny Is Ready To “Hopefully” Squash Beef With Floyd Mayweather [VIDEO]


Tameka “Tiny” Harris, aka T.I.’s wife, is ready to end her feud with Floyd Mayweather. The “What You Gon Do?” singer recently said that “hopefully” the beef can be squashed.

Says TMZ:

T.I.’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle tells TMZ Sports … she’s ready to end the war with Floyd Mayweather … after a feud that already led to a bloody brawl at a Vegas burger joint.

You know the backstory … T.I. confronted Mayweather at Fatburger back in May and a huge fight broke out. Floyd later said T.I. was mad because the rapper thought he had sex with his wife.

Both Floyd and Tiny had denied hooking up — and said they were just friends — but a short time later, Tiny blew Mayweather off on the red carpet at the BET Awards … and it appeared the friendship was over.

Watch the video below and read more about the story over at TMZ.

Photo: TMZ

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  • Starlisha

    I think Tiny should apologize to Floyd like he did her when he accidentally called her the “B” word. I’m not saying she “used” Floyd to make TI Jealous, but it happened and since he (Floyd) happened to be the “pawn” in that situation, she should apologize to him. Floyd and Tiny are friends (supposedly). He is a “man” and he wanted to help out his friend (Tiny) because he knew Tiny was hurting. Ti and Tiny were mad at each other and although TI was wavering over what to do, he was not ready to lose her to another man yet. “Hanging out” with Floyd during the time she (Tiny) and TI were apart, actually helped strengthen Tiny and TI’s relationship. TI and Tiny have drawn a truce and are trying to work it out now and Floyd helped indirectly. I don’t think she meant to shun him the way she did but she needed to save face with her husband. I don’t think it would hurt her to say “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you (Floyd). I was going through some things with my husband and I did not want to complicate things at that moment (on the red carpet). Thanks for the support and I hope “we” all can put this behind us because I (Tiny) know that you (Floyd) and TI would have never “fought each other”. So I’m sorry if I caused you (Floyd) and my husband (TI) to fight”. She is a good woman but she would be a “Super Good woman”.