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Black Stereotype “Daquan” Returns With Before & After Memes [Photos]


If you couldn’t get enough of “Daquan,” the Twitter trending topic that made racially stereotypical scenarios into humorous memes, then your lucky day has arrived. The initial appearance of the fictional character interjected itself into social media lure almost instantly, so a sequel was all but inevitable.

In all actuality, Daquan is a metaphor for extreme ghetto behavior clashing with the most stout individuals of suburbia, creating an inside joke for all those in the know.

The jokes are meant to either entertain, offend or both. Depending on the density of one’s skin. Last time out, Daquan was shamelessly pimping out white girls all the while disappointing his parents for bringing home a Caucausian who’d rather grill than to fry chicken. Get the gist of it yet?

For his next contribution to society, Daquan’s consequences of his actions are speaking louder than ever. Twitter exploded last night with “Before & After Daquan” series and the lack of chill is pretty evident.

Flip through the gallery to the newest struggle whipped up courtesy of the imagination. Some of the kids have even started to use their own pictures.

Photos: Twittter

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