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Black Twitter Reacts To Busta Rhymes’ Feature On Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” Ad [Photos]


Busta Rhymes, legendary MC and Hip-Hop vet, made waves throughout the Internets for all the wrong reasons after he appeared on Toyota’s new “Swagger Wagon” commercial.

In a terrible combination of all sorts, Toyota enlisted the rapper for some not-so great realness in a video that displayed a (white) family of four rapping and mimicking the urban “swagger” whilst promoting for the new vehicle (that looks like a mini-van even though it’s so not).

After watching, two things remain: we doubt Bussa Buss got paid enough and suburban America should be proud. Not to mention, Black Twitter hesitated not one bit to weigh in on the situation. As expected, members of Twittersphere had much to say with little regard to the vet’s esteemed résumé.

Peep some of the craziest Black Twitter reactions in the gallery below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Has Busta reached an all-time low, or is this his way of making ends meet?

Photos: Twitter

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  • yung123

    Only black Twitter will slander a black person for appearing in an ad that is positive and then complain about blacks not getting a fair shot.

    • whats the point

      Positive ? YOU RETARDED. This is straight wyt cooning and mocking us blk folk

      • jack wrong

        what an idiot,
        they have a white family that looks nerdy and acts goofy.

        should we whites cry about the ad stereotyping white people?

        black people are so sensitive,
        some of you need to lighten up and take a joke this video is funny.

  • MocaPretty

    BT universe is just hilarious!

  • C J Jordan

    Oh busta no bruh smh. He must’ve lost his mind when he got fat. Not a good look at all

  • Fawk black twitter. Money is money.