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Jay Z’s Alleged Side Piece Pens A Song To Beyoncé [Video]


In struggle news today, Jay Z’s alleged mistress, Olivia McFallar aka Yes Liv Can, pens an open letter dedicated to the rapper’s wife titled “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

The indie label starter speaks out for the first time about her relationship with Hov, what it did and did not entail. She even recorded it for our viewing pleasure.

Between struggle bars and piss poor cinematography, this chick’s out to brew some trouble while frantically waving a “Look at me!” sign in the process. All the while, she’s pulling from some of Jigga Man’s most famous lines. “You actin’ nonchalant for the audience/ ‘Cause I ain’t just another shorty you put the naughty on,” says Liv, who adds insult to injury when she remixes Beyoncé’s lyrics as well.

“I’m ringing the alarm ’cause I overstand/ And girls can’t run the world fighting over man,” she spits.

Peep the video below. Please feel free to chime in at the bottom.

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  • Annon

    The level of ghetto in this video is shocking. Also, she needs to get some self-respect, PRONTO.

  • Posh101

    Why would you want to be a mistress, and claim how you have a relationship with another woman’s HUSBAND. Beyonce is one the most popular and respected pop artist in the world, as far as I’m concerned she just put a target on her head.

    • The beauty within

      You may need to re watch the video again she didn’t claim to be the mistress she even said, “I’d be lonely before I be a number 2” yeah the video is trash but she’s specking out because they are dragging her name thru the mud. Some of the things she’s said are very real. Beyonce does need to teach these girls how to be wives instead of talking about surfboarding and Monica Lewinsky! I think it is respecting herself enough for the society we live in. No body is going to hear her unless she do some trash like this Bc of the times we live in but she’s letting people know yay I know Jay and no I never smashed jay.

      • FYI_2014

        It is NOT Beyonce’s responsibility to TEACH anything. She is a singer/performer not a teacher. Yes, she has a huge influence and some may look to her as a role model but, despite what some may think, she is not obligated to teach anyone anything, especially about marriage. Marriage is not a “goal” and it shouldn’t be taught to be one either. Women and young girls should have goals for personal growth and independent success. A man/woman should only add to that success when/if they take part in a marriage.

  • Lo Renzo

    I think this is the best positive rap I’ve heard for a long time. I would buy your album because of the great message you put out there-minus the f-bombs.

  • Lo Renzo

    Very classy and you are absolutely right about the messages negative and self-degrading messages Beyonce and Rhiana are sending our young ladies. Thanks for the message minus the fbombs.

  • Danielle Griffin

    It’s funny how many ppl take the one or two songs Beyonce just put out saying she is not teaching women the right thing, let’s go through her other million songs and see that she is teaching young girls how to be business women and respect themselves, Run the World, Flawless, to name a couple songs, Then she teaches women to not stick in bad relationship Me, Myself, and because this chick comes out with a rap and puts a line in there from two of Beyonce’s many songs Beyonce doesn’t teach young women anything… She is talking about surf boarding for who HER HUSBAND which is how you keep your husband beside other things, to please your mate. DO YOUR RESEARCH!