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Twitter Destroys Lil Kim For Dissing Nicki Minaj On “Flawless (Remix)” [Photos]


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  • @themanie25

    pple d*ck ride nicki 2much kim is a icon

    • Yup_23

      It has nothing to do with Nicki really, I speak objectively when I say Kim’s remix sucked

      • @themanie25

        how come it cant b like how it was in da 90s and early 2000s when trina the brat missy elliot lilkim foxy brown were all in the game makin money .. now its just 1 or 2 or 3 women , and its always a beef for the #1 spot

      • Yup_23

        I don’t know, It would be really nice if everyone could just unite but egos are too strong these days. But female hip hop is heating up right now so hopefully it’ll start to happen.

      • THATGUY

        In the 90’s, it was easier to have a ghost writer. Today…not so much. Which is why Kim can’t even rap anymore. Her focus is trying to make the legacy she had, when she still HAD ghost writers, keep living beyond it’s era. She has ALWAYS attacked new female emcees if they’ve had potential to be better than Kim in the pop/hip hop world

      • MCraw

        Kim ain’t allowing that to happen! I used to be a huge Kim fan, but her complete immaturity and obvious insecurities about NM have diminished her. Nicki gave her props, gave her recognition for the influence and inspiration. Kim dissed her every chance she got from jump. Went so far as to put out a whole diss album, Black Friday, to go against Pink Friday. Kim is just wrong. She would have been far ahead today if she just received nicki with love and maturity and not this plastic surgery hate balls. She did it to foxy in her prime, doing it to nicki way wayyy past her prime. She needs to stop.

      • Rachel

        Totally agree with you.


      Your d*ck riding kim right now , whats the problem ?

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    It’s a WRAP Kim, just give up already…

  • Mia C

    So posting random losers from Twitter is a “story” here. I won’t be hitting links to this lame site again.

  • JuJu

    Lil Kim needs to go on that show Botched and get her face fixed…and her body

    • 123kwade

      You wrong for that lmao…I watched that show n they work wonders for real Lil Kim probably has run out of face money by now.

  • Wadena Pyatt

    I think both of these beautiful and lovely ladies should use this beef as a platform as they are doing to bring the female voice back to Hip Hop. Love hip hop, but the only female rapper who kept the ladies voice in the game right now is Nicki Minaj. However, Lil Kim have a tough resume and we all love both of these ladies. Therefore, I hope Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim get on a track together. Now this will be real hip hop with the ladies coming back strong in 2014!

    • icy

      i totally agree wadena. these women need to get together and start destroying hip hop and become one with each other. if they all hooked up on a few tracks oooh they could be slaughtering every track. and anyone in their way. it will all stop with the egos soon. hopefully

  • icy

    sorry but always been a lil kim fan over nicki! all i see is a bunch of nicki bandwagon fanatics. sorry but nicki wouldnt be here if it wasnt for da brat, lil kim, trina, missy e and so forth. if missy hopped on that beat dissing nicki yall would love it.

  • lets_be_real

    Lol lil kim just needs to stop period. Its a new generation her time is over shes no longer queen shes done right now people only know her as nickis number one hater her remix was wack af shes the queen of bullshit maybe. Nicki goes hard, all hail queen nicki. Queen of rap no one can compare.