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Why Lil’ Kim’s “Flawless (Remix)” Makes Her Look Bad [Photos]


It’s time that Lil’ Kim hit the chill button on the Nicki Minaj hate, it’s making her look bad.

First, please understand that there’s really nothing that can erase Kimmy Blanco’s impact on hip-hop. Whether you look at it as Kim pushing the limits in the department of lyrical raunch, or maybe female empowerment (depending on your perspective), there’s no getting around the fact that she paved a road for Minaj, and other female rappers.

Minaj either jacked and/or was heavily (very heavily) inspired by The Queen Bee’s style, we know this. Still, rapping about it over a poorly written and executed diss record/remix to a remix, isn’t the way you win. It’s the exact opposite, actually.

Kim’s “Flawless Remix” diss wasn’t just strange, it was lame. Apart from letting almost the entire song play before she even added a verse, the delivery was anti-climatic.

Then there’s the fact that she’s 40, and should therefore be unbothered by Minaj’s braggadocious attempt to get people talking bt calling herself the “Queen of Rap” (by the why, Rolling Stone gave Nicki that title four years ago). Why does Kim even care what Minaj is doing, or saying?

Also, she just had a daughter, now is the best time for the Brooklyn native to let go of the feud. Being that she’s the older of the two, Kim she needs to lead the way in moving forward.

Staying silent doesn’t mean Kim’s diminishing her career or her legacy, it just means she has better things to do with her time. To go a step further, had she not reacted, there would be no debate over how she feels about her own crown. If Kim is fearful that the YMCMB Barbie will eclipse her legacy, she shouldn’t be. It can’t happen.

Minaj is now breaking record of her own, and for what it’s worth, trying to leave her “pink print” in rap. She’s a talented lady. Yes, she’s resorting to the same old tricks: showing off her a** cheeks, sprinkling the words “p*ssy” and “d*ck” in as many lyrics as possible but it’s working. “Anaconda” is No. 1 on iTunes.

The same can be said for Kim. Hip-Hop upperclassman remember her pearl-clutching sex lyrics, and envelope-pushing magazine covers. None of that will ever change, but the purpose of a career should be to grow, not stay the same. Kimmy’s already done the dissing thing with Foxy Brown, then with Minaj for all these years, isn’t it time for it to be over? Isn’t it boring at this point?

It’s always hard to hear someone like the Queen Bee reducing herself to fruitless shots at Minaj –especially in the year 2014. This feels too much like deja vu. We all remember what happened with the Paypal Black Friday mixtape. It’s just would be much better if she let the music stand without the beef gimmick.

We expect that kind of behavior from the new school, who tend to not have respect for their elders, but not so much from the vets. Kim missed the mark with the “Flawless (Remix).” If she wants to sell records, she should do it the organic way. It’s worked for her before.

Check out some throwback shots of the Queen Bee in the gallery.



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