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Where Are They Now ?!: The Cast Of Making The Band 2 [Photos]


Earlier today, we reported about Da Band singer Sara Stokes from the MTV reality series, Making The Band 2 and her struggles with the law. We haven’t heard much from Stokes or the rest of Da Band after their 2003 debut, Too Hot For TV.

Although Da Band was broken up by Puff Daddy shortly after their debut, some of the members tried to keep the buzz going. The trouble is, locating the activities of Da Band is more difficult than walking to Junior’s in Brooklyn to get a cheesecake. Thanks to social media, we’re able to at least get some insight on Da Band – and apparently they keep up with one another too.

Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at Da Band in the latest edition of Where Are They Now?!

Photo: Bad Boy Records

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  • MarilynRStroup

    I just got


  • C J Jordan

    I wasn’t feeling their music but that reality show was classic. I tuned in every week for that ish lol. The Dave chappelle parody really did it for me.

    • ijs

      Tru story…jokes for days.

  • Chassidy Jackson

    Ness and Chopper looking like they flip they Makin Da Band checks…

  • etfp

    Damn I forgot all about Freddy.

  • Aquarius_Girl

    I think there was some talent there (with some) but Puff’s funny tooth behind cares about no one but himself. Think about it, who stayed famous with him???? No one but Biggie. And I think Big would have separated from Puff and continued on.

  • Kiki Wiles

    Can you do an article about the one with Day 26

    • Aspire More

      oh yes…I wud esp like 2 know wat happened w/Dawn & Q. Oddly enuf I liked their pairing.

      • Kiki Wiles

        Me too. Q was the most dramatic member of the group.

  • Tolegittoquit

    I used to love chopper