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7 Silly Ideas The NYPD Wants You To Believe, Rather Than Admit To Murdering Eric Garner [Photos]



A Chokehold Is Not A Chokehold

Holding a man about the neck until he cannot breathe, thus choking him, is not a chokehold per NYPD union reps.

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  • truth

    They killed him! May God’s will be done!

    • Patrice Slater-Lee


  • jihad livingston

    Every legal occupation in NYC is held to scrutiny. It seems as if all the perfect people that live in NYC work for the police. Police never make mistakes, all their decisions are on point and perfect BULL CHIT The police will never admit wrong an all wite jury or a judge won’t convict for the murder of a blak person.

  • lol

    wtf do they think happen to eric gardner was a choke hold thats why the man is dead..dumb a$$ lying a$$ stan a$$ white cops.. God will get this in the end… they was sayong he was over does that have to do with it.. over weight wasnt bothering hm when he standing there minding his damn business!